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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

All Alone? Just me and my embies? A Taxi Cab Ride?

Well, Dh tells me today that he thinks he won't be able to drive me to and from the FET transfer on the 10th. Well, that means I have a few choices...

First of all, of course I will be sad he can't be there..6/10/05. the moment we are PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) and in that 2ww. I understand his co-workers might have seniority over him to take days off and they grabbed that date up frist.. but gosh.. this is an important moment in our lives.. this is our CONCEPTION date!!!!!!!! wow... shaking head sadly. hmmmmm

Ok, options are.... A taxi cab? Oh... that would be a fun Taxi Cab Confessions like on HBO..... LOL Oh... the cab driver asks "Maam, why are you laying down in the back seat while I drive you home?" me: " Well I am PUPO, and need to rest for that moment of implantation, there is no better place than to do that in than in the back seat of your pimped ride". Bahahaha

Second option.... My mom... my friend and I know she would not refuse, but I don't even know if her retired butt will be in town since this is kinda a late notice of her needing to be with me. LOL

Third option? Not sure, why don't you give me your thoughts on what my third option could be?

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