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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I can't stand myself.. OMG HELP ME

I am so crabby I can't stand myself.

My tears flow at the drop of any word from DH's mouth. OMG.... I know I am crabby, I can't stand being around myself. My hormones are dropping like a rock and I can't stand it. DH even asked me if I had started AF.. I was kinda put off by that and mad that he was insisting I was CRABBY. Bahahahaha, but I am crabby damnit and BUT you don't have to throw it in my face. He asked me about 4 times tonight "what is wrong, why are you so quiet..??" I finally had to ask him to stop making the assumption that I am BIOTCHY tonight because DAMNIT I know I am.

I actually got in the tub and scrubbed it from top to bottom then I cleaned the bathroom. Now that is a productive BIOTCHYNESS that I can handle because my bathroom Looks DAMN GOOD. LOL last night I cleaned the living room like that too. Sweat is productive. But the milkyway bar was not so productive after I did all that hard work. Bahahaha

Ok, signing off with my biotchy butt doing to bed.

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