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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Singing songs and rhymes....

So what songs and rhymes do you sing to your toddlers? I need help. Julia keeps asking me and signing to me "more" once I sing itsy-bitsy spider and you are my sunshine and abc... I have few songs and or singing rhymes I can remember from when I was a kid. Help me remember some and teach me some new things to sing to her.

She hears me sing - rhyme...

itsy-bitsy spider
old mcdonald
you are my sunshine
I love you (barney... sshhhhh, don't tell the hubby I do this because he HATES barney).
the wheels on the bus
a few songs from swim class

I need some more fun interactive ones for her to learn from me... help!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

16 month milestones

Feb 18 2009
16months and 3 weeks

You have 12 teeth (4 molars included) and OUCH they can hurt. Biting mommy is not nice, but I guess I deserved that since I was trying to check for your new teeth.

Your hair is growing longer now. You won't let me put clips in your hair yet, but you think it is fun to have my try and you rip them right out. Don't pull your hair out though. It took you far too long to grow it in.

You said "Fire Truck" the other night when we were reading your Elmo flap book and I pointed to the fire truck and asked you what it was.

When you Einstein video starts and the caterpillar goes by the screen, you have learned to Blink with that sound on the dvd.

You reached your arms up to daddy today (2/18/09) and said "I want up". LOL

you are in a size 5-6 toddler shoe depending on who makes them.
You are rapidly growing out of your 18 month clothes sizes due to your height.

You like cubed ham. You tried steamed broccoli and cheese last week, ate a few small bites, but preferred your cut up grapes instead.

You are sleeping from 8 or 8:30 pm until we have to wake you up on weekdays at 6 am or so. Weekends, you sleep from 8:30 or 9 pm until 8 or 8:30. YEAH.

You love to play on your slide climber outside on the back porch.

We had to give up swimming lessons this sesson due to mommy having new work hours on week nights and so many parties to attend on the weekends. Ugh. I hate that you can't go swimming, but I love that you can see all your friends and family as often. I promise I'll have you in the pool this summer as much as possible.

We went to the zoo on the 8th and had a blast talking to the penguins at the march of the penguins and talking to Raja the elephant.

Your vocabulary is expanding so much these days. I need to keep a log of your recent words. I'll work on that list.

When we say "One Two Three" you actually mimic us now, eventhough it is in your own words, you say it with rythm. We have to watch you because at the time you say three, you either throw something or try to jump off of whatever you are on. YIKES.

this past week at your friends' A and V's house, you said "I'm stuck". Today you said "Ut Oh, That hurt". The words are really coming together. Tonight you said "I see uh(you)" when climbing in and out of your LT tunnel.

each night after dinner you ask say "Bath". I am glad you like baths now because I know from experience it was so hard to get me to take a bath at 5 or 6 years of age. Ahhh, I hope I don't have that struggle with you like my mom did with me. LOL

You love the new ball that mommy got you.

I asked you to give your cousin a hug yesterday and you walked over to her and did so. So sweet.

I love you so much. Time is passing so fast and I want to mark each and every milestone, but at least I can write some down here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 Entertainment book coupons

I am so thankful for having searched craigslist for those that wanted to trade 2009 entertainment book coupons. I was able to trade some for some great restaurant coupons and children's entertainment coupons with another St. Louis couponer. We emailed and discussed what coupons we could help each other with and WOW.. I was so pleased. We said we would keep each others emails incase we come about more coupons we had already swapped.

Do you do this?

I also trade manufacturer coupons with my friends, sister and co-workers.
I get a sunday paper each week and look for the coupons I need and give the rest to my sister and or friends if they need diaper coupons, wipes etc that we don't use. What a great way to help others while they help you at little to no cost.

These are my coupons I search for:

huggies snug n dry diaper coupons
huggies sensitive wipes
Johnson n Johnson baby bath and lotion coupons.
frozen veggie like the steam bags. I am starting to get Julia into tring some of the staemed veggies now. Not going so well yet, but I'll try and rotate them out a few times before I give up.

gogurts (i freeze these and use them like ice cream treats for her)
musselmen's applesauce (I buy the lite because it is made with splenda and I like these!)

tide free
palmolive dish washer soap
snuggle dryer sheets
cottonelle TP
new york garlic bread (cheese)
tyson chicken nuggets.
cheese its
wheat thins
lots of different types of cereal.
instant oatmeal
progresso soups

What is on your list. Maybe we can help with a trade.

Monday, February 16, 2009

how is the waiting going for those of you waiting for a match?

I want to take a moment and reflect on the days of when I thought the world of adoption prep and paperwork and professionals have forgotten about DH and I. We had gone through the process for fingerprinting, marriage certificate copies, medical records and physicals andletters from friends and family that could paint us as great potential parents ........then a sudden lul in the process made if so fearful we wouldn't get everything together and in the proper hands by time our deadline approached for turning in our profile to the agency. RUSH RUSH RUSH .. wait wait wait .. minutes,.... days..... weeks felt so like an eternity. Then the call. Ok, we are done. All we need now from you is the next check to step you into being active in the profile pool. Ahhhhhhhh, it is only a paper check, yet it represented months and years of working hard to bring our dreams closer to reality. A tell all book about us. but hopefully to being Closer to becoming the parents we had already dreamed of so much in the months and months since we finished pursuing eight long years of heartaches with miscarraiges and many losses..fertility treatments that were at best a day in hell for years. Ahhhhhhhhh... the waiting for the phone calls came next to see if a potential birthmother had looked and and liked us so much that she selected our profile to be matched with. Maybe she wanted to meet up in person to talk about things, but sure, she had made her decision and was also, unbeknownst to us, very scared to meet up with us, the potential adoptive parents.

are you nervous along with me?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

WOW.. if you can go, go to the St. Louis Zoo's March of the Penguin event

Let me tell you, I almost skipped this event because of the cold weather, but alas we made it. Julia and I got to the zoo around 12:45. walked straight to the see lion feeding event.

This boy (we'll call him a boy) was so loud and kept barking (seal bark) at the feeder to throw him some fish, Ahhhh, yummy he said

Then we went straight over to the Penguin exhibit and went in. There were not that many people out front so we went in and got some great video of the swimming penguins and puffins inside. Julia was kind of afraid of them when they made their mating calls, but hey, it was fun.
here are the King Penguins outside for the March of the Penguins. They came up so close to us. One even went up to another zoo worker who was bent down and played with her coat string for over 5 minutes. SO FUN. Julia was actually scared of them as they came up to the very front of her stroller and stretched out their beaks in her direction.

Then we saw the hippos. This is Julia's new favorite word "Hippo"

Then Raja the Elephant

SIDE NOTT>>>>>> I won't post x rated pictures here, but I will tell you that Julia and I were privy to two .. COUNT THEM .... ONE and TWO different mating exhibits by our St. Louis Zoo animals. First there were the penguins out front before the march that were GETTING IT ON and I mean REALLY GETTING IT ON. Yes, I happened to get that on video. YIKES. I do want to teach my daughter about how animal breed, but I'll save that for when she is MUCH older. Then, while in line to see the Penguins march out front of the exhibit, we were watching the brown bears and saw two Pigeons getting it on right in front of one of the bears on an upper shelf of rock he was resting on. Well, now we know it is mating season at the zoo so you are forewarned in case your children ask... "Mommy, what are those two animals doing?".... LOL

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ohhh, baby girl, now I know your in pain....

I am very thankful for having a sister that babysits our daughter full time. This being good today because I had to go into work, but Julia woke up with a 104.5 fever. Tylenol brought it down within 20 minutes to 100.1 so my sister said to bring her over after I called her. We take our children to the same pediatrician also so she said to call the office at 9 am and get the nurse practitioner for first avail appt and she would take Julia in today to be seen. Between my sisters experience and my knowing the pattern of these fevers over the last few days and ear tugging, our self diagnosis was right on with the NP'ers diagnosis too.



Monday, February 02, 2009

A great blog for those of you interested in reading about adoption

This blog is written by a local Adoptive mother of 3 beautiful children through Domestic Adoption. She leads our local Adoption Support group in town and I can't so enough wonderful things she has helped us with through our transition of infertility to adoption, failed adoptions and successful adoptions and all the ups and downs before, during and after. Thanks D for your web page!