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Sunday, June 05, 2005

put your left butt cheek in, take your left butt cheek out

kinda like that song... you put your right butt cheek in, you put your right butt cheek out... you put your left butt cheek in, you put your left butt cheek out....And you shake it all about.....

That would be because I am now on 1 cc of PIO (progesterone injection to prep for our FET transfer on Friday) and that was injected in the left butt cheek tonight by my wonderful shot giving DH. Then the 10,000 units of HCG went into my right butt cheek, again injected with the ut-most precision from my Dear DH. (dh=dear husband when he is being a good guy to me!) Then I stopped the Lupron so THANK GOODNESS I won't have LOOPY lupron headaches anymore.

I am set to go for transfer of our embies on Friday .. most likely in the afternoon..... DH might be able to make it, but I will still have to have my mom drive me there and back. pretty cool to think both might be there in the transfer room. hehe

I have a nice 10mm triple stripe lining today...YEAH... Oh.. have I told you lately that I LOVE my doc? Even DH was in the room today with me while I was having my US and he was impressed with his attitude and communication. What a difference from the previous RE... the US tech did all the US's and Dr. Pearlstone never did them unless they were for my saline sonograms or retrieval and transfers.

Oh... the fun things I did today..... I took my mom to bingo with a co-worker of mine in St. Paul MO(just west of O'Fallon MO) and my mom won 200.00 on pull tabs and then 5 minutes later I won 500... WOOOHOOOOO. Bead buying here I come on Ebay. YEAH. I did spend 100.00 on groceries on my way home tonight. LOL

Ok, for now I am off to read my book. Book club meeting tomorrow night. FUN

Mood: Happy
book: Desperate Housewives eating Bon Bon's.
music: ben folds in the car cd player.. (scored a few good cd's at a yard sale this past Saturday)

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