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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

22 guage 1 1/2 needle.....

that was just sunk into my buttox by my DH... yes... shot #3 of E2V estrodile delestogen shots for this FET prep. I went in today for my B/W and US... got to the office.. handed them my paperwork for the future if needed for a fresh IVF cycle and also instructions for cryopreservation... then I was called back for my bloodwork by MK.. she said ... "so I hear you are a hard stick" meaning... my veins are NOT nice to the needle for blood draws. LOL I replied..."Yup, Good luck" and God is she good.. First Stick. I love her.. I LOVE HER... It is crazy to say that I could love someone for being able to stick me once with a needle for a vial of blood... OMG.. this is a wonderful change from the previous cycles I have had to deal with.. 3 sometimes 4 sticks for one vial of blood hurts. WAY TO GO MK!

Sooooo then I thought I was to wait around for an US.. I went to sit down and was told "See you Friday for your next E2 draw.. but no US again until Sunday the 5th. ." WOW.. YEAH.. .NO date with Mr Wand? OMG.. I acutally miss Mr. Wand.. What is up with that? See, in a fresh IVF cycle you can have up to 10 or more US's to check the follie and lining growth.. but we are not concerned with follies this time, just the E2 to build the lining and I am pretty sure with all the CM that it is building just fine. LOL

Sooooo while sitting waiting for my b/w this AM.. I hear the nurse call back 2 different people that I am cycle buds with at SIRM... we all post on the same board on the internet for support .. Dang it, I should have said something to them, but they were up and moving fast to the back US rooms. LOL

Ok, back to relax... well, surf Ebay... or watch some junk tv.

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