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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

that which is stolen is found

Well, for purposes of possibly catching the thief, I'll leave the details untouched. But the truck was found yesterday late afternoon. Now we wait for the insurance company to give their report, which I think would take at least 2 weeks. I hope it is totaled, but if not, we most likely won't keep it much longer after it is repaired and returned. Apparently a whole bottle of mens cologne was spilled all through the cab of the truck and it smells a mix of that and bad nasty arse according to the husband.

Thanks to the officers that found it! Good work.

meantime, I got hooked on America's next top model and am watching it tonight. I would be watching the cardinals, but they are making me fell ill after such a good game last night. Maybe if I don't watch them we will come back and win. We need to overtake the Cubs for first place now. Yes, the cubs are in first. My beloved St. Louis Cardinals are playing decent ball and I hope it keeps going that way.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hey Thief, return our truck you stole

Yes, my husbands 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck was stolen from out in front of our house between the hours of 12 am and 5:45 am. Go figure. DH woke up this morning to feed the dogs and looked outside to see the moons reflection in his trucks window. No truck! Stolen in the wee hours of the night. Frick.

I hate being violated like this. Husband said it has not sunk in yet. He made a police report already, called to report it to the insurance and has since called family.

The police officer (very nice btw) said to get THE CLUB.

DH also told the doggies "Guard Dogs" that they are fired because they did not alert us last night to the truck leaving. The truck is a diesel and is loud, but we sleep hard and did not hear a thing just like the dogs.

Ugh. $500 deductible.
Rental car
Holy Shit.

APB on a silver king cab Dodge Ram 2500.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

ahhhhh, what a relief

WOW, what a great day. I went into this meeting with butterflies and shaky nerves, but thankfully I had my Rock of a husband by my side and he kept me grounded instead of shaking like a leaf with nerves and anticipation.

I wondered what I would wear, too dressy? too dressed down? Is my hair ok. Would she notice I don't wear make-up? Would she care how I needed a hair cut? Would she notice I did not have my glasses on? Nope, none of that became a worry as we pulled up in the parking lot. I know, you might say, gosh, she is being superficial, but it is honestly the way I felt when I was getting ready this morning. Would she like me for who I am? Yes indeed she did.

I hoped we would get there at the same time of the social worker and we were just a few minutes earlier than her. We waited in the parking lot for the s/w to show. We went in and sat for a few minutes just chatting until the birthmother showed up. Then, A hug started off the meeting. I love it. I had hoped we all might feel comfortable enough to give each other a hug on the way out, but she offered one right up out of the starting gate. Wow, talk about sweet gesture from her and the ice breaker I needed. I felt as though I have known her for a long time. The conversation lasted about 1 hour and a few minutes longer. We all ended with hugs again. I await her call for the time and location of her doctors appointment she invited us to attend this coming week with her. I was excited to know she wants us to be able to see an ultrasound of the baby. She wants us to experience things that we never got to knowing we could never carry a pregnancy this far along.

Speaking of this far along. The due date is exactly one month out. Yes, one month out.

Ok, I am felling like I am so much in a better place emotionally! Thanks to a wonderful meeting today. I prayed it would go well and it went better than I ever expected or anticipated.

I am glad I have read up on the open adoption book. It really helped me understand to an extent the emotions the birthmother is going through. I will never be able to fully understand what she is going through, but between her explaining her emotions to us today and talking with the social worker, I feel more at ease knowing she has a support system to help her through this. She has the s/w at her disposal if she needs to chat. She can call us and she has a doctor that understands adoption. Thankfully she has an great support system through her family too. I told my husband I am still nervous, but expectantly so with adoption in general. I will hope and pray that we keep moving forward to a birth and placement in a few weeks time. I can't wait to get to know the birthmother more and continue to offer her our support.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

getting nervous, in a good way

I like butterflies in the tummy, most times, well today is one of the more exciting times. See, this Saturday we are meeting w/ the social worker(s) from our adoption agency and she will be introducing us to a potential birthmother(pbm). Actually, This is the birthmother we were matched with a month or so back. We are trying to become more comfortable with the situation so we all decided to meet in person Saturday.

I am reviewing many sets of different topics to chat about with the pbm. I know if there is a lull in the conversation that the social worker will be there to help throw topics around. That makes me so comfortable. I have asked DH to think of some questions too.

I have tried 3 times to write this post, but I am scared I will jinx DH and I to not be able to have this potential situation work out. I know, you all might say I need to have confidence in myself, but I don't want to flub up and make the pbm mad or upset. I'll take the cues from the s/w and try to go with the flow on Saturday.

I have been reading the one book I posted about earlier(7/25/07) on open adoption, most likely if this situation would work out, it would continue to be an open adoption and this book will have been a huge help in knowing what to expect and anticipate. What a great purchase off amazon.

Meantime, DH and I are going to go looking at cribs this weekend. We have a crib in the nursery, but it is from my niece, who is now 14 years old! I would be ok with the crib, but the rail brace is broke and I don't want to risk our future child's life in a dangerous crib. So we will be seeking out a crib at either target or sears or babies r us. Any recommendations?

btw, my nephew is still in the hospital. Getting much better, but such a slow recovery. I hope he comes home soon. Thanks again for the prayers.

Another note, our friend, Natalie, had great news on her cancer journal today. YEAH!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

nephew still in the hospital

my nephew is going on week 4 of his hospital stay. 24 days in there and still more to come. He went in at 96 or so pounds and my sister said he is down to 73 lbs. OMG at 12 years old?!. He has got to get better. He is still not able to eat. Every time he goes off his iv meds his liver and kidney funtions go down. Nothing to eat by mouth yet. He tried the other day, but he was in too much abdominal pain to continue so they put him to a no eating order again. I am praying he can get back to a full function of eating orally and not through an IV.

His sister started high school this past Friday so I hope he can get home and get better so he can start his 7th grade year very soon.

prayers to him and I hope I can update you with a going home post for him soon.

Friday, August 17, 2007

cleaning house on a friday night?

Yes, that would be me. Well, actually, DH did a good job of it the day before, but I had my own duties to follow up on tonight. We are hosting Dh's immediate family tomorrow for a bbq/swim. Ahhhh, Great weather, great day for the pool (which still harbors some green stuff that no shock-it will kill after those freakin' hot days last week ).

I swear I wish I could justify hiring a cleaning lady to dust and vac a few times a week. Bahahaha. Dream on. I just can't spend that kind of money until I win the lottery(or should i say "we" win the lottery, Come on hubby, hit those big #'s).

I can't wait to have some good home delicious bbq tomorrow.


I gotta charge up the camera so I can get a few snapshots of our two nieces and one nephew and DH's family.

I hate the prep for the bbq, but the reward is great to have everyone here.

Oh, I gotta remember to get out the envelope with names in it for drawing for the Christmas exchange.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

First pitch?

Yesterday, DH, myself and his whole family (immediate) went to the Dodgers vs. Cardinals game. We sat 1 row from the very very top of the stadium. Very very nice. We were out of the sun so we did not swelter too badly.

Upon entering the stadium gates we were given FREE t-shirts to each adult passing in the gates. Nice shirts. We enjoyed the game until the 2 run homer was given up in the top of the 9th... We valiantly tried to win it in the bottom of the 9th, but to no avail.

Meantime I brought the t-shirt home and went online to join the promotion that is on the sticker on the shirt to throw out the first pitch at a cardinals game. If you joined this promotion you had to say why you wanted to throw out the first pitch and I said I wanted to be able to overcome my fear of stage fright. Yes, Bad stage fright. If I would win the first pitch I would HAVE to go out onto the field and what better place than with the BEST Fans in the game of Baseball! Yes, I would let my beloved cardinals fans in the stands cheer me on and watch me throw out the first pitch. LOL One sure way to overcome my fear of stage fright. LOL.

I am working on some ebay stuff, stay tuned and I will try and post more on my other blog with new auction pictures.

My nephew is doing great apparently. Still in the hospital, but gaining strength each and every day. Thanks again for the continued prayers. I'll give my sister a call this afternoon to check on my nephew and I'll post an update in the AM so check back then.

Cheers to a great day and productive one at that.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oh the innocent days of way back when

My Aunt (paternal) emailed me today with two pictures of when I was much much younger. I was sitting on the floor at (I think) my grandma's house holding and petting my Aunt's dog Missy. Oh Missy was funny. She loved to play and she also wore diapers. Yes, She was not spayed so she would go into heat and my Aunt would diaper her with real baby diapers (just a tail hole cut out) and would change them when needed. See, female dogs bleed when in heat, unlike humans bleed a menstrual cycle at the beginning of their cycle (not fertile yet). So here is the picture. I hope it turns out big enough to see it. If not, post and let me know.

Don'tcha like that funky 70's furniture? Nice Brown tweed couch and nice end / coffee tables too. And check out that children's rocker. I loved that rocker.

OMG.. I am going to have to go out to my Aunts house this winter and sit and scan all her photos of me as a youngster. I love these. They bring back so many innocent memories of my childhood. Ahhhhhh so fun.

thank you so much ladies and gents... prayers are powerful

I do believe they work and that is why I ask for them, or even the + vibes for healing if you are not the praying kind. My nephew is about the same as last night and did get a good night sleep without vomiting. An Immune Disease specialist has been called in from another top ranking childrens hospital to go over "S" case. They can't seem to get a grip on what is happening and need to get some extra specialites in there to look him over soon. Glad they are being so proactive.

Meantime we go on with life. I checked on "S's" two sisters and they are ok. I offered my company at home and they were fine without it. LOL... I am only 5 minutes away so they know to call ASAP if mom is at the hospital seeing S.

oh the Home front... DH and I are proud parents to 5 baby guppies. Yes, I am back into breading guppies for enjoyable pleasure so if you want any baby guppies in about 3 weeks let me know. FREE to a good home. I won't know their genders until 3 weeks maybe a few more longer. I love helping bring things to life. Love celebrating too.

That brings me to the quiet times with the agencies, no word from either on. Lets get the party on with our profiles out there. I like seeing some action. We welcome it.

Ok, off for a few winks then to work and a funeral home for a contract worker in my department. What an amazing man. 74, sadly died of a heart attack, but was doing his love, boating on the lake with his family. So crazy. Long lived life, yet shocking he had a heartattack after being so strict on his diet and all for years.

Going to dream a good dream or two before I have to head out into that heat tomorrow. If you work in the heat, I pray for you to seek comfort of the AC once in a while.

Monday, August 06, 2007

more prayers and healing thoughts if you can spare

My nephew is not doing so hot again today. He is bouting a huge infection (peritonitis) and now has high kidney counts again (bad) and his pancreas might have an absess on it. If the ultrasound shows anything this evening, they will schedule surgery again. Poor kiddo, he has been vomiting again. They put him on zophran again and phentenol for the pain. I hope they don't have to go back and do surgery again, maybe his body can fight off the infection and get things under control. Yesterday he was in a good mood, but was just so tired. He slept 1/2 the time we were there and slept through the machines beeping when empty.

I have been saying my prayers that he can recover quickly from this. So scary. My sister might lose her job over this also because she has not been employed there long enough for FMLA. Frick. We might have to get our legs about us and get a fundraiser set up soon for them. even with 80% of my nephews medical covered, 20% is still huge to pay out of pocket and plus one full time income lost as my sister is by his side 24/7.

Lord hear our prayers.