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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Foto Fridays

Suson Park last week. Julia caught her first Fish! wooohoooo

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Naotional Infertility Awareness Week

If you or anyone you know has been touched by infertility, please watch this video.

What IF?.....

What IF? A Portrait of Infertility from Keiko Zoll on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mehlville Baby Mania sale May 1, 2010

I made it official a few weeks back, I am a seller/vendor in the Mehlville High School MOMS Baby Mania sale. sites 29 - 32. Actually my sister and I are sharing 2 selling spaces.

Ahhhh, I have been organizing all of Julia's outgrown items to price, hang and fold. Now I have to work on what to price them at. I have been organizing the 2 and 3 (etc..) piece outfits on hangers along with coats and dresses, but most of the other clothes will be on tables and toys on the ground. I sure hope it does not rain! We will have awnings, but if is it windy, we are in trouble. I also have a foll of plastic to cover tables if it does decide to rain on us. The event is Rain or Shine!

I am not an organized person for the most part so I am paying for having just boxed up these outgrown items and put the toys in bags without some sort of sizing to each bag/box. Fun.

now to get to the pricing. I am so not ready to do this. I am not sure if I should do a poster with pricing chart or if I should go and price each piece. heck, I think the poster will have to due since I am running out of time. next year I'll be more organized for this sale.

I hope to make at least a few hundred dollars to help buy her next years wardrobe and toys. That is my goal.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I cried like a baby

Ok, I'll admit it here (and I still have not told hubby);

Today, when I was walking the dirty laundry downstairs, I smashed my fingers on my right hand against the door jam. I instantly cried a loud yelp and the tears started flowing. Hubby didn't hear my yelping wail because he was being a good husband and was upstairs vacuuming the first floor. LOL. I had tears streaming down my face and it caught the attention of our daughter, who was tagging behind me to help me change the laundry loads. She instantly kissed me on the hip in concern of my wailing. I stood there by the washer and just let the tears stream and gave a few more hardy yelps out again. It was relieving. My fingers hurt, but they are ok now. I just hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.

Sometimes I just keep these little things to myself. I am accident prone and gave up on looking for sympathy from others when I hurt myself. I was being the good wifey and doing the laundry, yet I get hurt on my way down there. Not fair so I felt it was a good relieving cry.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

My Earth Day will consist of going and buying vegetables to plant in my (not yet formed) garden. I will try and grow my own tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, cucumbers, carrots and lettuce. I want to make my own salads like I did a few years back. I gave up on gardening a few years back due to the rabbits and squirrels, but I will not let them stop me this year.

What is your Earth Day going to consist of?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Forever Family Day 4/16/10

Today, we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Julia's coming into our family legally through the courts.

I know we won't talk to her tummy mommy today, but I hope she knows we are thinking of her. She gave us the light of our lives and I am so proud being a mommy after all those years of infertility and miscarriages, and seeing Hubby be the daddy I knew he had in him too.

Julia is 2.5 years old and acting like she is 6. LOL I love her sassy ways, she loves to boss the little boy around we are watching part time each week. She loves to interact with her older 4 year old friends like they were all born together on the same day. hehe

on 4/15/08, The owner of the agency flew down to st. louis to help watch his grandson while the social worker (his daughter) walked us through court for finalization. It was so nice to have the support. Jeff and I had both of our mothers there. They were so happy we invited them to share that special day.

Last year we celebrated at the local Fortels pizza den and This year, I bet we will end up there or at Dewey's pizza place. I'd love to take her to Great American Pizza CO, but there at not so many "little kids" activities for her age there. Instead, we have a new swing set that grandma bought we are putting up hopefully after dinner. Wish us luck on that.

Adoption is such a blessing for us. I can't wait to do it again and have another date for us to celebrate the meaning of how our family came together.

Julia, we love you. Hugs and Kisses

Monday, April 12, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: Friends who "GET IT"

In the land of IF/adoption: these are my some of my close friends who really GET IT!

We have traveled so many roads together and I would do anything for them!

at one time or another, we all crossed paths in the local if support group and remain friends. The oldest children from the group are now going on 6.

Friday, April 09, 2010

diaper coupon clipping nearing an end?

I think my days in buying diapers are nearly over. (shhhhh, don't jinx me!). 1 pull up diaper = all day use. Sweet. Thanks to Juia's friends Abbie and Vanessa, Julia is now using the (adult) big girl potty with her dora potty insert seat. Ahhhhh, the benefits of older friends as roll models. :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

saving Parents As Teachers in Missouri

I sent this to Russ Carnahan, Clair McCaskill and Kit Bond, Jay Nixon,

I am writing you in hope that you have in progress, a fight against the funding cuts for Parents as Teachers in Missouri. Yesterday, a PAT rep visited our 2.5 yr old daughter, Julia, and told me that the funding cuts proposed has put them in a precarious position and have been told they CANNOT book anymore 3 - 5 yr old PAT evaluations of children. WHAT? Are you kidding me? This is hurting our children and the parents of PAT children by taking this educational opportunity away from us to prepare our children for school. So in a matter of 6 months my daughter, along with a huge number of Missouri children will no longer be able to gain the guidance of a PAT rep in our homes. Please stop this funding cut. I hope I can count on your support on this. We need your help in keeping this program for ALL ages for PAT available and not limiting it to 0-2.11 years of age.

Monday, April 05, 2010

march 28 - April 5 updates milestone and freebies

Julia has been having up and down days with potty training, but since last week (we went camping) she has been doing a great job. We took her potty chair camping with us and started a reward system of 1 m&m for peepee and 2 m&m's for #2. Well as of last night she got 2 m&m's for the first time. She really did go #2 on the potty all by herself. Today, as I sat in the living room, she brought me her potty chair insert and showed me her second successful 2 m&m potty trip. YES! She is getting this concept down.

Our friend Ms. Kelly had given us a Dora sticker poster for potty training so we started using that with today's successful trip for 2 m&m's! hehe She loves stickers and loves seeing her progress on the chart so I'll stick with that for a while.

Next shopping trip will consist of BIG GIRL underwear for Ms. Julia! I'll let her pick out the pack she loves. I can't wait. What a huge milestone for us. I need to buy more diapers as we are down to the last pack, but yet I don't want to buy more because if she is really potty trained in a week or maybe two weeks from now, We will be done with them! No more coupon cutting for huggies diapers then. AHHHHHH, that thought alone makes me smile a mile wide!

Freebies this past week.
-Uniball pen
-Stride gum (along with a nice coupon)
-two different packs of 2 diapers from Costco(hey, that helps me in not wanting to buy more diapers for her. Hahahaha).
-Free Kiwi magazine
-free sample of post it page tabs