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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

baby mania sale, tillis park playground?, grants farm 2009

Don't forget, Mehlville high school is having the baby mania sale this weekend. Saturday 8 am - 12 pm. I am making my list of things I need to find for Ms. Julia, who is growing out of her 18 month sizes at now 19 months of age.

Does anyone know why Tillis Park at McKnight and Litzsinger has the playground closed? it was roped off with yellow "police/caution" tape this afternoon when I drove by there. I have never taken Julia there so I drove into the park to see how "good" the playground was and it was closed. Hummmmm. Let me know if you have heard why and when it will reopen.

Grants Farm 2009. I bought a season parking pass. $40.00. Well worth it. Julia REALLY enjoyed it, we did too. The Goats were a great experience for her and it really brought back all the fun memories of when I was younger and got to feed the goats. Oh and the Llama too!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh beautiful day, but someone is under the weather

Ms. Julia is still not 100% after a bout of a viral infection this past week. I had to leave work early Wednesday to get her from the sitters and take her into the docs office. From there, diagnosed with this said viral infection, she spiked a 102.8 fever and was just shaking from the fever plus a few vomiting episodes. That is one scary thing. I watched her close all night. DH slept so he could go to work on Thursday. I didn't sleep very much. Julia did, only after I dosed her with motrin around 11 pm Wed. evening. She broke that nasty fever over night, but it still lingered Thursday. Now today, Saturday, she is not feeling great again. Such beautiful weather and we can't go out and enjoy it. sucks.

I am working my mom's ebay account until further notice. Ahhhh, it is busy. I am honest and say I miss that kind of extra spending money, but I sure don't miss the very very busy days where I would come home and have to work ebay sales instead of spending much quality time with Julia. My mom is retired and seems to love doing this ebay thing. Heck, I got her into it, so I am glad she likes it.

I hope you are all out enjoying the day. April 2009 has been a great month so far.

Oh, Julia turns 19 months on Monday. Where has the time gone? I am loving her new ability to put multiple words together by both speaking them and signing them. I continue to work with her on signing words. I'll never stop doing that. I don't know fluent sign language, but I do know many single words and I am learning some phrases to sign to her. I can sign the abc's and then sign "now I know my abc's", but I have to learn how to sign "Next time won't you sing with me". hehe

I think her favorite words right now are "outside" and "more". LOL She has started confusing Up with Down. So when she wanted up in her highchair, she said down and pointed to her straps. I enjoy hearing her talk to me in her gibberish talk. it is like she is telling me a whole story.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walking the dog

Can you guess what happened to Julia just moments after I took this picture of her walking Hannah while camping?

I don't have a picture of the aftermath, but did you guess that she was on the ground flat out after Hannah took off fast after a bird on the ground? Yup, she was. Hannah won't run off, thankfully, but Julia did not like the idea of being drug on the ground for a few feet because Hannah wanted so much to eat that bird and didn't care that Julia was the one walking her and the line ran out of the leash. Julia didn't let go of the leash when it ran out either. This is the reason I won't let Julia walk the dogs on concrete!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Daughter....


adoption is a blessing in our lives and will always celebrate with joy in our hearts.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

CVS is coming.. CVS is coming. And Wendy's too...

Ok, two things coming to the greater St. Louis area are CVS and Wendy's. Well, Wendy's is not technically in St. Louis City, but McKnight and Manchester is sure close enough. Also, CVS stores are going to POP up very soon on a Walgreen.s corner near you. WWOOOOOOHOOOOOOO. Yes, as a former employee of Walgreen.s, I tell you this CVS deal moving opposite corner of nearly all walgreen.s in the future is going to give them a run for their buck. CVS also has much better savings deals than walgreen.s.

Ahhhhhh, more later

Monday, April 06, 2009

My heart melts as she shows her growing age and words

OH MY GOSH.. I had to totally hold back the tears this evening while I held the phone for Julia to let her leave a voice mail on daddy's cell phone. We won't see him until Wednesday because he is out camping (yes, in this crazy weather).

She calls daddy... DADDIO and says is with conviction and long drawn out sounds. I'll try and get it on video so you can hear it. Well, I told her to tell daddio... "Daddie, I love you" and it came out of her mouth so sweetly and with her head tilting with a pucker of the lips as to kiss the phone. My heart melted. I can't wait until daddio listens to his voice mail when he heads into town tomorrow to get cell reception. hehe She said "Daddiooooo, luv vu"..

Lately J has been saying the word MESS. She will spill something accidentally and look at it and say "mess" and look at me like she is going to get in trouble. LOL Well, today she was at the sitters (aunt c's house) and looked at aunt c and said "mess"... then this 18 month old was so smart to go put herself in time-out. When I called to check on her today, my sister said she knows of no mess that j made and still is shaking her head lauging that j put HERSELF in time-out. WOW.. This child of our is growing into a smart and very understanding of the literal meaning of things. Time out works for her so well too, even when she is not in trouble and demands to put herself there for no good / bad reason. Ha

The jibber jabber is just amazing. She was in the car with me last night, saw a lady walking a dog down the street and said... "Mommio, doggie dieuolikeh leekousoieehng. slsliehgotutuellls ... theiosoe !!!! !" and ended that jibber jabber with a smile. LOL I just replied back "Oh, is that so?". LOL

She wants to be outside all the time. Walking into the house from work, she will walk over to me and say "Outside". She gets home with daddio about an hour before I do and she is so desperate to go outside. She loves to play on the porch, climb down the stairs (unlike me, falling down them with her in my arms, ugh) and then loves to go up and down the neighbors lawns picking the poor mans flowers (a.k.a, dandelions) LOL .. She says "Flowers, Ummmmm"... picks them and smells them. See, she is learning and landscaping at the same time for us and the neighbors by picking all their weeds. LOL

Now here she is smelling the "Good" flower at my house, you remember, those red tulips that keep reblooming every year even with me not digging them up and replanting them over and over. Nope, I just leave them suckka's in the ground and Look how pretty!!! WHen I took this picture, I could hear her snorting in and out of her nose to SMELL the flower. LOL

Friday, April 03, 2009

Yard Sale Tracker

I know there are several different sites locally that host yard sale trackers.. this is one I bookmarked a long time ago and stlmommy.com recently put on her blog too...


I don't pay for the suburban journal anymore so I go to craigslist and pull a list of yard sales I want to go to and print them in small font from a word document. I have a street guide in my car and off we go on Saturdays. How do you track your favorite yard sale areas to visit? local paper? craigslist? another site like the like I posted above? Share your favorite with me.