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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I saw him on DHC.... My RE .. I saw him..

last week at our transfer of our 3 babies FET.... Our RE said that he was a busy guy.. My DH then said, yeah you tv celeb..... well the RE then said that he would be on Discovery HEalth Channels Triple the triplets Show this week on Baby Week on DHC..> Well Yup he was. Man, This is scary.. I put back 3 blasts .. OMG... Is this a sign? hmmmm.. Ok, I know I am jumping the gun, but It was pretty cool to see the embryologist and Dr. A on the TV screen in reference to helping a couple achieve their dreams by doing this IVF cycle with them and then the show went on to tell the couples story of labor and delivery of triplets. COOL

mood: crabby... well at least DH thinks so.
feelings: DIzzy and crampy with twinges
music: Ben Folds and The Arch 106.5 fm.

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