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Friday, June 10, 2005

I am the proud momma of 3 blasts

I am now the mamma keeper of 3 blast embies.

my mom had agreed to drive me there and back from transfer since DH was not sure if he could make it or not... Well I called an "emergency" into DH at work and he promptly left work to meet us at the clinic.. but about 10 minutes b4 mom and I were to leave, DH walked in the door at home. My mom said she would just let the 2 of us head to the clinic and do the transfer since she was not really needed, not in a mean way, but she understood. DH and I go there in the office and while sitting there after checking in, a couple walked in to check in also.. They sat down and then the guy looked at DH and said "Hey, you know me, don't you?!" well it turned out to be dh's sis's ex boyfriend from just after high school. He and he wife did a fresh cycle and were there for the transfer. We all talked and exchanged email so I will send them good wishes also. Too funny to know people in the lobby. We wished each other well and good luck then they were called back.

We were told that things were running about 1/2 hour behind.. no problems as my bladder was not too full at that time. YET. LOL
We were called back... I changed into a gown and then as quick as that they asked us to come into the transfer room. The nurses setme up, the doc came in and shook our hands and wished us luck. The doc then started the US guided exam, speculum, wash prep and then the most important moment... he said we have dr. H here with your 3 embies ready to transfer. Dr. H, the embryologist walked into the room and confirmed there were 3 blasts for me... confirmed and then dr. A inserted the Catheter.... pretty amazing to see it actually being advanced on the US screen . He slowly let the embryologist inject the embies into my uterus. Which btw, had a GREAT lining appearence. YEAH..

We of course had discussed (dh and I) how many to transfer, but when they walked in with the catheter full of 3 embies, that was our answer. Dr. A felt comfortable doing 3 and honestly I could not have picked if we had to.

This transfer was was the best. I felt NOTHING... only thing I felt was when Dr. A had to empty part of my full bladder to help get a better view of the uterus. Then he drained it for me after the transfer. That is the only thing I felt. Much better after 4 different transfers from Dr. P in the last 4 years. Relief.

Ok, now I am trying to talk these embies to get 1 of them to implant. I am scared for multiple implantations, but I will let that ride in the higher powers hands now ...

The next 7 days (until 1st beta) will be busy as I have Jury duty Wed. Then I go back for 2nd beta that following Monday and that is when we get the results. Much shorter of a 2ww, but just as much time to worry. LOL

Until tomorrow.. I am back to bedrest. (laptopposting for now from bed) and will sleep all day tomorrow as much as possible.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.


Anonymous said...

I was going to call you Fri night to see how it went but feared you were sleeping and I'd wake you up. Glad to hear it went so well! Just one week until you know the answer? I hope everything goes well for you!!

Tempe said...

Congrats! I'm glad it went so smoothly. I had my bladder too full for transfer also. It was somewhat embarassing for me. Especially afterward, when they do the full drain. The nurse kept checking and saying, 'still going'. I thought I would be lying there for hours.
Keep up the great incubation work!