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Friday, June 03, 2005

23 credits and many more to go....

I am what you call a LIFER for college. I did not go straight out of high school. I regret that TOTALLY. I swear to you I do. BUT... I make the best of it today and take a class or two each Spring and Fall semester at the local community college. I am in a frenzy to find the right 2 year associates degree to apply for...I am in the IT field in my job, but it consists of more admin side of things. I do very little programming and what I have learned has been all hands on. I am looking to sit down with an advisor b4 fall session begins and plotting out my path finally. I have 23 credit hours accumulated and that is nothing to sneeze at for my accomplishments. Heck, that means I have maybe another 40 to go instead of 60 or 65 credits for that 2 year associates. LOL Hey, laugh with me damnit, that was a funny... It means I am a LIFER for college. Get it? I also have to take the placement test for the college too since I got the advisors to write me past several IT classes I took without having to take the comprehensive math and english classes yet. Yikes.. Those classes are needing to be taken soon and I must finally give into my fear of flunking tests and go take the damn thing. (ok, get it now that when you read this blog, I NEVER ever claimed I could spell right!)

Sorry, I am rambling... I have hurdles in my life... 1 is INFERTILITY and the 2nd is TESTING for SChool subjects. Current gpa is 3.67 or something like that and I am proud of that!

So I posted about wanting to become a nurse one day, well I think for now that is a no go since my job, thankfully, pays for job related classes and books up to 80% as long as I get a C or above in each class or 50% if not job related, but business associates degree related. SOOO no, they won't help pay for nursing school. Dang.

Oh.. btw.. if anyone is interested.. CitiMtg is hiring out at 40 and K in O'Fallon...... St. Charles area..(you must apply on-line at their web page). They need reps to man the phones.. it is a temp to hire job... also, they have "IF" benefits if you are hired perm after 90 day... but my catch is ... they won't pay me enough.. ARHGGGHHHHHH. I can't take a cut in pay... Frick. if you need details, post here and I can email you back.

Ok, out to water the garden.. I have blooms on my tomatoes already. YEAH.

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