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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Civic duty has been paid....

a whopping $12.00 per day job and only 1 day of Jury summons duty. YEAH.. I went in at 8 am and got out at 2:15 or so.. I was not lucky enough to be selected for a trial pool, but that is ok with me this time around. The hardest part was parking in the Kiel/Savvis Garage and walking to the courts building. LOL I am so needing to walk more.

I can't say it was an honor to serve, but I don't mind it. I know that many people HATE jury duty, but I am always nosey enough to want to get into a trial. Bahahahahaa

Ok, off to nap.. little headache and now feeling some little cramps. I hope that is good.. these babies diggin' in.


Tempe said...

Congrats on the cramps. I only got those on successful cycles.

tubelessstl said...

Thanks Tempe... where are you blog updates? I know you are busy.. but I love reading your updates. ++