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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

this site is too funny... You that are addicted to POAS

What is POAS, you ask? Peeing on a stick... it is an addiction to those of us that are IF or have been through IF.

this is the site I was pointed to today and let me tell you, this really happened to me... A + OPK = A +PREGNANCY result for me, sadly mine was ectopic.. but it proved right!


bahahahaha, the addiction we have is over the top.

I will post an update soon. Camping is in the air...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Is it really set up?


I have a tenative (yup, on paper) date for our FET transfer.

JUNE 10th is the Probable Embryo Transfer date. YEAH. I am to call with CD1 and then go in for an US and E2 draw. This will kick off the 12-15 days of bcp's then I get to add in Lupon(10iu) and Dexamethasone and 4 times we get to do E2V IM shots for E2 boosters in the almost 3 weeks of the cycle. I have several dates for US and E2 draws, then on 6/5 I go in for another E2 and US then they will call us to adjust the meds or to set up the dates for the transfer.

Of course this all rides on the idea that we can get at least 1 of our 3 frozen embies to Thaw. I really hope that at least 2 embies make the thaw. I am so scared for them.

I still have to coordinate with the embryologist at SIRM and the embryologist at my old RE's office to get my 3 frozen miracles transferred to SIRM before the 2nd week of May.

I am so excited.... It is so nice to have a protocol in hand and a perspective on when we can do this finally.

Blessings are to be had.

Monday, April 18, 2005

reminders of what I need to jot down here tmorrow....

first adoption support group meeting..
Embryo Transportation funny story....
a picture of my tuxedo strawberries...

are you wondering???? Well I will post more tomorrow night I hope. hehe.. tease

ooh ooh ooh ooh...oohooh..ooh....ooh ooh ooh ooh....

yes.. that is a title of being anxious. It all starts with having to wait these last few days.... almost a full week to hear back from Dr. A's office cycle coordintor, MK, to set up my FET dates and protocol. SHE CALLED AND I WAS NOT HOME. Go F'ing figure!.. she called my home # and did not call me at work(which I will stress and make them note in my file to call me at work or my cell # from now on dangit). She called Friday afternoon and by time I got home and got the message it was 5:50 pm and they had closed at 4:30 pm. OMG... I have to wait until 9 am Monday (today as it is 12:13 am) to call and then get the voice mail for MK for her to call me back at work on my cell phone (which will be in my pocket all day waiting for her call). I am so anxious.. hence the being up at 12:15 am tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a strange day. I have to wait for MK's call back while I spear up the Baby SHower for a co-worker who is due in 4.5 weeks. YIKES. How funny is that? I am an office coordinator/IT Dir asst. and am in charge of getting the Cake and making a mixed fruit bowl and I elected to make chocolate covered tuxedo design strawberries. Mine don't look near as good as the picture on the chocolate package, but they taste yummy. I had to sample them before I can take them to work for the party. My theory on this related Baby shower issues is that DH and I will be greatly rewarded in due time for having hosted (me) several baby showers for family and now co-workers. I do believe, I do. I hope the good Karma reciprocates. Know what I mean? IF and baby showers are hard enough, but to host them and plan them for the office was very hard. I take it as a possible good vibe for DH and I to get good news sooner than later.

Ok, 8.5 hours or so to go before I can call SIRM.. YEAH. until tomorrow night. I will post more after I get out of school at FoPo community college. LOL

Friday, April 08, 2005

NO, It is a green light Damnitalready....

Got the call from the doc's office today..... We are covered for the FET and now we can do a cycle. YEAH

May 31st is the target week. We have 3 beautiful embies in the freezer at Dr. Pearlstone's office that we have to get the embryologist to transfer from there to SIRM office. YEAH. I call them on Monday to set this transfer up. Then I wait for a call from MK to set up the calendar for an FET(frozen Embryo Transfer) in Late May 2005.

Oh please, I am saying prayers that at least 1 or 2 embies survive the thaw of the freezer. Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok.. off to watch the Cardinals beat up on someone.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

No, it is a RED LIGHT..... ugh

We can't proceed with the INCIID the Heart cycle unless we agree to
do the FET with our frozen embies first.

I will blog more about this later. Heavy heart, but I will have a chin up very soon! I swear this rollercoaster ride is rough.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It is a green light

YEAH...Dr. Ahlering gave us the ALL CLEAR today to set up our INCIID the HEART IVF cycle. YEAH!!!!

I await the call tomorrow from the IVF coordinator, Mary Kaye, with SIRM here in town and we will discuss the options for when we can cycle.

DH has a major month of May project going on so we can't do the retrieval and xfer then so I am crossing my fingers that we can retrieve in early June.

Please say a prayer that my body stays in check and that I can set a date in stone tomorrow!



Monday, April 04, 2005

baited breath

I wait... tomorrow at 3 pm I have yet another fluid Ultrasound(US) and this will determine if my blood clot in the uterus is gone or still residing attached to my septated fundal area. UGH.. I have a gut feeling it is still there and I will get that dreaded look on the doc's face. Dr. Ahlering is a sweet man, but if he looks at me like that, the dreaded look, then I will cry. Just bust out crying. I am going to cry because my body defies all rules, never listens to what it should do. BUT, big BUT if it does show that the blood clot is gone.. PRAISE THE LARD ABOVE.

I am still spotting so this leads me to believe that my body remains in odds as to what SHOULD be happening. Why is my gut feeling so strong? This internal feeling I get, it just outweighs all good. I am that girl that thinks the glass is half empty when I know I should think it is half full for a positive outlook, but it is so hard to do.

Ok, going to talk to the doc tomorrow about 2 things. Antidepressants and Metformin/Glucophage to help with weight loss. I need something to keep my emotions in check and I will see what he suggests. I am sure he won't prescribe them, but at least I can get a lead on what to ask my GP for when I call them next week and say I need help. Sleep is a thing that is not in my life. I sleep average of 4.5 hours a night again and it is cracking me up.... emotionall and mentally that is! So that goes along with the need for an antidepressant to help calm my mood, anxiety, emotions, etc. I am not one that likes to medicate to solve, but I had to do this a few years ago when we lost our twin pregnancy for the second time. I was just spent and needed something to control myself. Will it be paxil or welbutrin? hmmmm I hate it that I am even thinking of needing drugs to help. Dang it.

Metformin/Glucophage is for those that have insulin resistance problems. When I test my blood sugars, they don't show I am diabetic, so that leads my OB and myself to believe I am insulin resistant and thus the weight gain. If I can get the M/G to control this I bet I would lose about 20 lbs in a month. I need that. Weight loss will also boost my self esteem.

DH and I fight, we are both moody and I mostly blame it on me.. He is on welbutrin so he has no reason, I think I just set him off on a bad mood when I am coming home crabby and such all week and weekend long. Lard Help us.

Ok, enough for now. I will be back, stronger than ever, Happier than ever as soon as I get my IVF protocol. SOON I HOPE.

clover girl OUT............(like Seacrest OUT on AI)