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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thanks for the buyers

I did ok on ebay this week. I was shooting for 1/2 of my items to sell, but I did not make that personal quota, but... but ... check this out(click the link to the ebay listing below)............

My Quacker Factory sweater
did fabulous! WOW!

Several other items sold and put a few good bucks into our adoption funds. Hey, $83.46 in one week is a huge stack of coins and dollars to chip away at that number we just paid out to the agency. I am on the hunt now for these quacker factory sweaters now that I know I was able to sell the two in the last few weeks. I love digging through my closet to find an item that is a treasure to someone else and so I can clean it out of my house. Yard sales are a good place to start to fine more of these sweaters. Now that I know what I have is a seller, I can keep an eye out for them at sales to snag and list. I love the sweaters myself, but I don't wear them that often due to always being too hot. Lordy knows the sweltering summer weather is hear already. (fanning myself with a thick piece of paper today was my saver).

Going shopping tomorrow with my niece (soon to be 14) at the local mall. No, I won't spend my hard earned ebay money tomorrow. I promise. I am only taking her so she can go buy a few things with her $ left over from confirmation. FUN. I can't wait to see the clothes she wants to buy(but little does she know her mom has told me WHAT NOT TO BUY as some things are not allowed in their house like short short mini skirts, etc.). My niece is a bean poll so I expect she will want to buy a few little skirts and a few tops. I can't wait to spend some time with her.

No news on the adoption front. ... no, wait.... we are working on meeting up with the new agency's social worker to work on our dbm letter and picture profile for their agency. Each agency has their own suggestions as to what to put in the letter and what pictures to use and how many to use and how to arrange them. I overnighted a copy of the profile folder (letter/pic profile combined) to the agency owner for him to put his suggestions in, then he will forward it to the social worker here for her to share with us on what to change. FUN. So meantime I have bought a scrapbooking software my friend suggested to use and I plan on using that next week to build a new profile to the agency's liking. I don't mind doing this because working with our photos and scanning the older photos is fun. We got to think back to what and when and where that picture was taken.

Congrats to the new mamma, a friend I met a few years back that went to the IF support group I attended too. Blessing to the new family! I can't wait to do this too. I can't wait for our hearts to grow with a new love.

I can say it now... TGIF

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Have you had one?

Having grown up in the South of my fair City, we had many a fun times during our Porch Parties.

Have you ever had a porch party?

Around 6:30 pm on many a summer evenings, as the sun was just slipping behind the acorn tree and down past the steeple of St. Margaret's Church on 39th street and Flad, all the neighbors seemed to migrate to our front porch.

It was a porch that was about 20 feet across the left front of our 3 story old house, wide enough for one to sit comfortably in a woven nylon lawn chair and prop your feet up on the limestone bench rail. About 6 steps pitching north off of the top tiled (like your bathroom floor in an old house) step. Then a flat slab of concrete 10 feet sloping away from the house from there with another 3 steps to the city owned sidewalk just before a grass easement to the again city owned poorly paved street that was one way heading due East. The rail from the front steps to the city owned sidewalk was one piece steel 3" round pipe. Perfect for the youngster that I was to do my single Even bar gymnastic routine each night.

The evenings persisted of straggling neighbors bringing their lawn chairs sitting in our grass around the said steps popping their aluminum tabbed top beverage cans, slipping them into a can cooler (koozie). Sitting and letting out a big sigh that the weekend was finally here and well deserved.

Plotting would go on. Float trips planned, 30th, 40th b-day party scenarios played out, kid war stories swapped (now mind you I was the youngster so I was always jokingly told to put my fingers in my ears and hummmm so I would not hear the war stories), bbq's planned and veggies shared.

It was so much fun. I miss those days. I miss the families in my old neighborhood.

Finding a cure for Breast Cancer

Today I set out a list for sign up names at my work and also put out Company matching contribution forms to collect donations for the Race for the Cure here in St. Louis. It is a huge drive to fund money that partially stays here in St. Louis for the researchers and to help those directly touched by this nasty evil Cancer.

Natalie's work is putting together a team and several of Natalie's friends from the old Resolve days are joining in too. The walk is Saturday June 16th downtown St. Louis. I am going to try and meet a few of my friends at the metrolink stop and ride the metro downtown. Much easier on parking. So we will get Race for the Cure shirts and also Catalina Marketing shirts too. FUN. I am so excited to go and support so much women (and a few men) that have had breastcancer. To Celebrate the living and to remember the lost. Sad to say I know more than I want that I have lost to breastcancer. Lets find a cure!

If you would like to make a donation, feel free to contact Komen, Race for the cure. online.

Cheers to a nice weather day, Fun walk and Lots of pictures to show the Celebration of life in the ladies in pink.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I decided to start the protocol for adoptive breastfeeding again, but just a little different this time around. I did not do any bcp's in prep for this protocol. I would have needed 3 months minimum, but decided that since I produced near 10=12oz a day from July to November on the Domperidone, I can do the dom to prep myself again instead of doing bcp'S AND dom 3 months then dropping the bcp's. Pumping and doing Dom for weeks and weeks 8=10 times a day on pumping. I also hand express into a bottle during working hours.

So today is day 3 of the domperidone and the fenugreek tablets. I have managed to pump 6 times today and got GOLD SWEET GOLD DROPS of MILK at all sessions. Nothing to collect, but I have a feeling I will be there soon. I need to put all my supplies together incase we get a call to travel out of town. Nice.

Oh. one side effect of this pumping and domperidone? Ummmm, Blush.... It make me frisky for dh. hE LIKE THAT.

PERKS CAN BE FOR ME, BABY AND DADDY. lol. No match with a baby yet, but we are still staying hopeful and looking forward as we know it can happen to anyone so quidkly.

Gotta go to sleep. Gotta.

congrats again to baby L , who is being adopted by c and B. YEAH. My baby lust has gotten to me and I need to see him when they get settled in also so I can bring them a gift for baby l.

Gotta add this link to the videos of proper breastfeeding. There is one at the bottom that gives you details on how to use supplemental nursing by tube for adoptive breastfeeding. YEAH!
WARNING//// DO NOT OPEN THESE IN A PUBLIC PLACE// OR WHILE AT WORK. //Some might take offense to the graphic nature of the natural breast at work to feed her child.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Fortune Cookie

We had Chinese dinner the other night and we got our fortune cookies along with the meal. We ate at home, but I never did open my cookie.

I have a superstition. Even though the cookie was stale (today), I insist I eat a part of it before I can read the fortune. So today while prepping some corn on the cob for bbq dinner with DH at home, I bit a piece of the cookie off and chewed. Yes, Chewed. Nice and stale. I had to do this. Just something I can't open and read first without a bite of that cookie. Yum. No, I did not eat the whole thing. I am not that superstitious. Ha

My Fortune read:


Ahhh, I love this one. Sure, I could say my life will never be the same after reading one of these fortunes, but I don't base my life on them. I simply read them and say "Hey, that could be me". Then I save the fortune and date it on the back to go back and read it a few months later. I compare life to today to see if anything I had in mind for goal orientation has been reached. So I will let you know in a few months time if my goals are reached.


1) clean the house on schedule (once a week). (we do sweep often due to doggies but not dust like we should)
2) work on setting up my sewing/craft room downstairs so that I can keep the door open and not be embarrassed to let anyone see that room.
3) Lose some much needed poundage (10 lbs is my goal by Summer end).
4) organize the clothes in the nursery.
5) make 400 bucks on ebay by end of July. (better get cracking on that one).
6) get a potential match with a birthmother through one of 3 adoption agencies we are with.
7) reorganize my files at work at my desk

Not too bad of a list. I know some are very very possible to accomplish.

Oh, and I want to see a few friends that are adopting to be successful in bringing their children home soon.

Do you set goals for yourself like this? If so, do you try and put a simple time frame on them or are you strict to keep them to a 30 day time line or 60 day etc?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Forbidden fruit (well, shrimp at least)

Last night DH and I headed to Longhorn Steakhouse to enjoy my gift card from work for my Professional Administrative Day. Ha. 60 bucks to splurge with. We both got a great appetizer. Then we ordered steaks and potatoes, but I added in Shrimp Scampi. See, I have not had shrimp in ages and the last time I had it I broke out in hives. So I temped fate and tried them again thinking they were cooked well and in a different saute sauce (not the typical peel and each shrimp at a party with cocktail sauce). I took a benedryl before to avoid hives, but that did not help. I was in hives in a matter of 10 minutes of eating 3 of those delicious shrimp. OMG they were so good, but I had to stop at 3 because I could feel the hives coming out on my hands and in my hair on my scalp. FUCK. This means I can't ever eat shrimp again. I love me some shrimp too :(

I am glad I took a benedryl. Or else I would have ended up in the ER for a shot or two like I have in the past from other food allergies along with a few drug allergies. I hate it. I hate that I have to be so careful to not eat certain foods and to make sure all my fruits and veggies are washed well before consuming.

Both my sister and my girlfriend have insisted I call the doc to get some EPI pins to carry with me in case I have a bad anafalactic shock one day from my allergies. My sister is highly , wait, VERY HIGHLY allergic to bee stings and has had two bad sting episodes of hives and shock set in before she reached the ER. Thank goodness for the EPI pins to slow the reactions down or else something very sad could have happened to her. I don't want to be like that so I better crack down and get some Epi pins from the PCP.

Anyone have allergic reactions to unwashed fruits, veggies, pistachio nuts, shell fish? Why are the great things in life so yummy, yet so harmful?

About 9 years ago I had bought some plums to eat. I was busy at work and grabbed one to chomp on without having really washed it, just rubbed it clean (so I thought) from fingers and dirt visibly showing on the skin. Well, in 2 hours time I was body head to toe with hives and having to take a bath in aveeno with lots of prednisone in me from a called in Rx from my PCP. He said to come in the ER If it did not get better, but the Pred. did the trick. Now Benedryl works as well as long as it is in tablet shape and I can crack it in half to help it absorb quickly. It is a crazy feeling, hives popping up on the skin and lips then on the tongue and in the back of the throat. When I had another reaction to some Sulfate for my bladder infection I had and combined with guaifenesin for a sinus infection, I ended up in the ER with my throat closing off from the hives. That was scary. I had 3 epi shots in the ER and 2 benedryl shots to calm the hives down. So no more non-washed plums and no more SULFATES EVER.

Did you realize that one of the main ingredients in your shampoo for your beautiful hair is SULFATE. Yes, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Go look. Well for years I could not figure out why I always had small tiny blisters on my head . Guess what, I am allergic to Sulfates. Had I not had that reaction to the sulfate for my bladder infection, I would have never known why my tiny blisters on my head were happening all the time. Well, I promptly switched to Sulfate Free Shampoo (ouch, expensive) and in two days my head cleared up and I was not itching all the time. Amazing what things you can be so sensitive to in this world of ours.

Thank goodness for benedryl, Epinephrin and Prednisone.

Ahhhh, I feel better today after an early exit to bed due to some benedryl.

I did enjoy dinner! Thanks to that gift card. Yummy.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ebay sales in action again

Yes, I am self promoting because I sure need to find a way to help pay for that check I just sent the new agency. Ha.

Come peek at my Ebay items.

Lots of baby bottle holders (more to be listed soon).
Cute 1x Sweater (thanks mae for making me dig out my sweater, I forgot I had this qf sweater)
Some charms from my old TOPS of Missour Group.
and more things to be added soon.

My thoughts are that I don't want to go get a second job so I will try and list the things in my house that I need to clear out for when we do eventually have a baby here so s/he can have all the space they need.

I am working on sending the social worker at new agency a copy of our profile so we can work on one for them. Shoot, I need to get that email out to her with the attachments.

Does anyone know how to convert .sig files into a .pdf file? I have my profile pages (pictures) in Print Shop, but I don't know how to convert them over to .pdf files to allow other to edit them if they don't have Print Shop. Really, I am willing to pay a gentle fee for anyone that can help me do this. Email me if you can help out.

Ok, off to keep listing things on Ebay.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend. If anything comes up with any of the 3 agencies we are with, I will post soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the check is in the mail

Actually the check(4700.00) and contract with the agency has been received by them. I checked DHL today and confirmed it was signed for. Left St. L at 8:40 last night and reached Columbia MO today at 9:00.

Now that the hard part of writing that check out to the new agency I can let my high end nerves come down. I hope we hear from the agency soon, but then again it means my high end nerves will be back up to top level and I will be on the busy path of updating our DBM letter and picture profile. FUN!

Speaking of picture profiles, a friend recommended a scrapbooking software to use. I think I will stop tomorrow night and get it from Sams. Anyone use a scrapbooking program b4? I have not and am curious how well it will go. I don't have the criteria from he agency yet on what to do with our picture profile so I hope we hear soon so I can make sure I have a fun weekend of working on the software and scanning more pictures.

I also heard from this friend that the DBM letter will be 1/4 of what we currently have, which is 2.5 pages long. Wow, short and sweet and to the point. It will be interesting to see what they revise on ours. Hard to tell our story in only a few paragraphs, but I know it can be done.

Ok, off to go watch my niece graduate from grade school. Oh that brings back memories. As a matter of fact, I wonder what happened to my grade school graduation pictures. I really want to see what I looked like back then. ahahahahaha

Monday, May 21, 2007

Adding avenues to our path of adoption

First of all, let me start by saying I love our social worker/agency owner(sw/ao). She is so helpful and understanding and has such positive things to say. I can't wait to call her or have her call me with a match and placement!

That leads me into saying that we have decided to broaden our search for an adoption match/placement by way of signing with another agency. I am mailing the packet off tomorrow. Our sw/ao totally encourages this. DH left her a message today to let her know that we are going to sign with another agency this week and she called back and left us a message to tell us she is 100% supportive of our decision and asked us to keep her posted if something comes up by any avenue through an agency or independent situation.

This keeps us active with her, an agency in KS and another agency in MO. I am excited to know that we have this many options available to us. I know some other agencies across the country discourage you to be with more than them as your agency and even make you sign that in the contract. Our number one goal is to adopt and become parents, thus we need to be able to have options available to us and thankfully we do. We can choose this and we did.

I am excited about this because we have pondered this option for a few months now. The one that that was holding us back was putting up a considerable amount of funds with another agency. This sum of money is non-refundable with each agency, but it is a stake in our future to become parents so it it so worth it. If by chance we are matched and adopt through any of the agencies, all we need to do is call the others and they will put our contract on hold for our second child. YEAH! I love that possibility.

Ok, gotta get the butt in gear for selling on ebay again, having a yard sale or two (looking for donations if anyone is interested in cleaning house) and babysitting as much as possible (email me if you know of anyone that is looking for a sitter).

Speaking of babysitting, I am watching D & B Wednesday evening. I am excited to see them again. Their mom called me to sit tonight, but called back to change nights to Wed. night. Cool! I am excited to sit for them again since the sun will still be up and we can go outside and play. I missed doing that over the winter because I would usually get there after work and it would be dark out already. I know D loves to play ball and search for bugs under rocks and B is right by his side the whole time. I love it. I gotta remember to take some shorts to change into so I can run around with them outside before it does get dark. I need to print off some pages off of the internet to color. They love power rangers and superheros to color too. Oh and dinosaurs. Can't wait.

Ok, off to do some much needed laundry and then go plant the rest of my veggie garden and plants on the porch. Oh shoot, I forgot to get another bag of potting soil. Dang it.

We are hosting a bbq for DH's immediate family this coming Sunday. Shame we can't have the pool open. The poor pool is too dangerous to open it because part of the side is rusting out. The thing is near 16 years old so I can't blame it for giving out. BUT we don't have the cash to buy a new pool right now, especially with signing with agency #3. :) That is a good thing!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahhhhh, thanks, I needed that

What a wonderful weekend to go camping. It was so nice to just get away and then to have such wonderful weather. So nice.

It was not warm enough to my liking to get in the river, but I did let one of the 3 puppies go down to the river with me and she loved getting in the water. I let her get into water as deep as her belly, but then she proceeded to lay down in the water. I wish I had my camera with me at that moment. She was so cute. Sadie is 2.5 years old and loves to have fun. She is a total water dog so we have to keep her out of the pool here with a gate. I was thinking of buying her a small kiddie pool to romp in, but our grass out back is patchy(dang grub worms) and all it would do is turn the yard into mud. So I hope to take them to the river a few times this summer instead. I will try and remember to take my camera with me the next time. The other 2 pups were in the camper with DH so next time I will try and get them to the river also.

The Shame of the cooler weather is that there were no drunks on the river floating on Friday when I took the pup down there. It is one of my all time favorite past times .... watching drunks make total fools of themselves as they float by us on the riverbank. Men and Women too BIG to be in swim trunks or bikinis (rolling my eyes there). Men and women too drunk to put on sun screen so by the time they come past our part of the river, they are burnt to a crisp. Red as lobsters. Oh they won't sleep well, oh wait, if they stay drunk and pass out then they won't feel that sting of the sunburn at all. Bahahaha. Can't wait until this summer when the drunk parade down the river starts. I will be sure to take a few pictures of that and post them. Sure, I use to float lots, but I don't drink like a fish so I never got to that point of drunken sunburned dumbass acting floater on the river. Instead, I sit on the river bank and LMAO at the fools in canoes.

Ahhh, Gotta love this weather. It was so worth taking 2 days off work to get out of town.

How was your weekend?

Off to catch up on Lost and my other tivo'd shows.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bring Cheer to my heart on this expectant date

May 16 2007 was my expectant due date for our twins we became pregnant with in fall 2002. It was a twin pregnancy that was trouble from the beginning. Bleeding badly, bed rest, morning sickness on top of trying to lay still to keep the bleeds to a minimum, but mother nature was not liking that so at 8w2d I went into the RE's office for a scan to check the subchorionic bleed and it had gotten worse. My RE immediately admitted me into a room. Thankfully a room on the maternity floor that was on the Northwest of the wing away from those mothers that had just given birth and not the busy active labor rooms. Shhuuuu. My ultrasound confirmed that in twenty minutes between the first scan and this second scan that baby b's heartbeat had slowed and it looked as though the sac and placent was abrupting form the lining wall thus causing all the firt sized blood clots I was passing. While in the bathroom in my hospital room I was told to pee in a hat in the urinal. Sadly I delivered baby b, full sack in tact, in the hat. I held her in my hands. I was shaking in disbelief and as I was my mom walked in the room as she heard me crying. I layed the sac back in the hat and asked the nurse to please call my doc to tell him I just delivered our first of our twins and I felt I was going to do this again in about 10 minutes. 10 minutes later I was in full force labor and delivered our second twin in the hat also. I was so shell shocked that I could not cry. I was in disbelief that I had just delivered our twins in full 10 minute labor for each and by myself with the first sac and my mom by my side for the second sac. Sadly the nurse did not prep the specimin properly and when my RE arrived on the floor 10 minutes later he was so mad at her for not doing her job properly so he could send the fetal sac that fully contained our fetus's in each to be properly chromosomally checked. One was able to be tested and the other was not. One baby girl and one baby angel. I love you both! but my damn body could not keep you in there. It was not your fault we lost you, it was all mine for my defective body I was born with.

After that we had to wait a few days for my hcg numbers to go down. Having been 8w3d pg with twins, my body was still feeling pg after a few weeks later and then that is when I had to go in for a d&c to remove the left over fetal sac tissue in the uterus. Sad. I recovered ok and went back to work a few days later. I had to work, I had to consume myself in something to act like I was not sad anylonger over our loss of our twins. Fuck, I hate that society(work, strangers on the streets) does not give hugs. I sure needed one. I did get many from the ladies in the IF support group I attened at that time. Thanks to you all, you know who you are.

That was our second IVF cycle that resulted in twins implanting from 4 embies transferred. We were excited, but guarded to stay rested and it still did not matter. God took those babies from my womb and has them up in heaven with our other 7 angels too.

I often wonder if it had been two girls or one girl and one boy in there. Oh sweet precious babies. I do have your US pictures and I look at them with smiles. Thanks for being in me those 8w3d long. What a blessing to have helped your heartbeats start at least.

Monday, May 14, 2007

digging in the dirt

No, no post about dirt on people, but more so about dirt in my yard. Ha. No, I am not up to being snarky about my neighbor right now. More on that later! I promise.

I am one that likes to try my green thumb at anything. I tried it at gardening a few years back with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and red peppers. I was very successful.

See, actually it all started about 5 years ago with a tomato plant growing out of the crack of my sidewalk one Spring. I rescued it out of the crack and planted it in the "rock" garden next to my deck steps. It was a huge success. I knew not what kind of tomato plant it was until the cute little yellow flower buds starting appearing. It was a cherry tomato plant and very bountiful at that. It was a miracle plant because it grew out of the crack of the sidewalk from a pile of bird droppings. Yes, great fertilizer it was. Ha.

So 4 years ago I was very successful again at growing 3 tomato plants (big boy, roma and cherry) and added in the cucumbers and green peppers. Success. My co-workers loved my free baskets of cherry tomatoes (see, dh hates tomatoes and I can't eat them all).

2 years ago, ARGGGHHH.. The bunny rabbits raided my garden. FUCKING RABBITS. They bit the stalks of both my cucumber vines and destroyed my 1/4 mature cucumbers(about 30 of them) and then proceeded to destroy my 3 tomato plants also. Green peppers did not make it. I think slugs got to them. I gave up and did not replant last year.

So this year, I have my 3 tomato plants. Big boy, hybrid roma and a grape tomato plant instead of cherry(couldn't find cherry at lowes this past weekend). 2 cucumber vines, 7 green and red pepper plants! Yum. I am going to put up some, hopefully, bunny proof fencing and keep them damn rabbits out of my garden. I have a soaker hose set up so I can water when camping too. Oh the tomatoes take 60-90 days for ripe tomatoes and I can't wait. Seems forever, but it will be here b4 I know it.

So I will try and take a picture of the plants once I get them in the ground tomorrow night. I will then keep my journal on them as much as possible. I know, a boring garden show? No, it is a hobby I have that I love and it will keep me busy while we wait for that magic phone call from the adoption agency. See, it is all a strategy! Keep myself as busy as possible so I am surprised when we do get that call! hopeful thinking here, stay with me.

Speaking of adoption. I am thinking of trying a letter campaign to friends and family to give them a little update on the waiting period and our home study renewal last month. Then will ask them to keep their ears open for any word from friends or anyone that might know if any potential adoption situations that we can contact our lawyer about.

I have learned to keep looking no matter what or where we are. I am working on a little business card type to give out to people with our contact info on it. Just in case they might know of any potential situations then they can call us about. Why not, right? gotta keep searching and spreading the word.

Ok, off to bed, work in the AM and then home to plant my garden and snap some pictures of it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wishes to all mom's out there

young, old and those of us that have angels up in heaven too.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Do you remember this post in April?

quoted(sorry I can't get the link to work):

I posted this on April 16th in this blog...........

have you served your duty?

I received, filled out and returned a survey a few weeks back from the federal courts. Yup, that means I am most likely set in the pool for Federal Grand Jury service. I told DH that I had a feeling that life will pull a Murphy's law on us and we would be blessed with an adoption match or placement and I at the same time I would be called for Federal Grand Jury duty. I don't know why, but when I get these feelings, they usually happen as I feel them. Anyone have Federal Grand Jury duty before? I heard you will be put on what is considered an on call list. They would call you ahead of time to say you may be called up to duty on such and such days. Is that true? I have a co-worker that was called up and actually served on a jury for 2 weeks straight. Not sequestered, but in court each day for 14 days."

Well it happened. I got my Juror summons today for Federal Grand Jury. WOW. That was quick. Reporting days: Monday, June 18 - Friday, June 29th. Yes, you read that right. 18th - 29th. OMG.. I can't believe it.. but the good thing is that I get to call the night of the 17th to find out if I really have to report. Then If I do, I go in on Monday and find out how many days they will need me there on site to wait for possible pool call up. BUT, I might not need to be there all of the 10 days they say.... that is if I don't get picked for a long jury. HAHAHAHAHA

Anyone that is reading this know of anyone or served yourself? Federal Grand Jurdy duty service that is, not your local city.

The bad part of all of this? DH and I had planned on leaving town on the 17th to go to Trail of Tears state Park for a full week of camping. We had to cancel our reservations tonight. Frick.

Now you know, the thinking person in me has my mind churning that I would wish for this to be a reason that we would then get a call from the adoption agency with a potential match due that same week of Grand Jury service too! LOL Yup, that is my Murphy's Law brain thinking. FUBC

Anyone served Federal Grand Jury duty? If so, give me some pointers as to what to expect, what I can bring with me (no, I did not read the phamplet yet they gave me, but will do so tomorrow). I am still in shock I was called up so quickly.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I love you my babies (mc ment)

Due Date today of our twins from IVF#3 in 2003. Miscarried 10/10/03 just 2 hours after seeing both of their heartbeats.

I love you, my babies.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

typing in shadows

wow, got my eyes dialated tonight at 6:30 pm and I am still having a bunch of problems being able to focus. I miss being able to read others blogs tonight for their updates and sending out support and continuing the journey update here, but it has taken me several minutes to type this out basically unable to read what I type and trusting my fingers to do the jtalking. Be back tomorrow with more updates. Gotta print shipping lables for the items I consigned on Ebay for a friendl and then go eat longhorn steak and chicken with the 60.00 gift card my coworkers got me for Administrative Professionals day. LOL Or as I blike to call it, Me day. Flowers, cards and a gift card to the local steak house. Yum.

TGIF in a few hours.

yawn... gotta go rest my blurry eyes. (BTW, i stronlgy suggest to have someone drive you there and back for eye dialation. hehe.. driving on the city streets in a low vision state is not safe at all. Especially when when people on gravois like to just walk out in front of you in the middle of the street and not at the stop light corneers.