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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

2 or 3, help us decide.....this is a poll for you to help us.

I can blog.. I can ramble.. but today I need to ask you a question..

I have 3 embies frozen... I need your input... If all 3 thaw in the lab on Friday, do I risk putting all 3 back in or do would you suggest to only put 2 back in?

I know, this is a loaded question.. but since I have a history of miscarriage of twins... it scares the shit out of me to even think about putting 3 back, but then the emotions run high knowing I don't want to leave one embie go and not transfer it back. See, we can't refreeze a thawed embie! UGH>

What would you do? Would you risk putting 3 back in if they all thaw? No matter what quality?

If you need more details... post a reply and I can add more to this.

DH and I are up in arms over how many to transfer. Those are our preicous embies.. I don't want to let one go to waste... know what I mean?

I pray that only 2 make the thaw.. Really, but what if all 3 make it? I know, it seems that I have already answered my own question, but I wanted to seek your thoughts.

Thanks in advance and Be honest. I can take the honesty.


Anonymous said...

If this is your last IVF attempt for some time, I'd take the risk. It all depends on when you can do this again.

Anonymous said...

As bad as this may sound pray that only two survive the thaw and that those transfer and that you end up with one healthy baby.

I will pray that God makes the decision for you so you don't have to.