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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

gosh.. I so hope tomorrow bring good news.

Tomorrow will be 12dp6dt and beta #3. I am praying and praying that this body of mine cooperates and does the right thing by upping the beta #'s accordingly. I hope it is huge... at least double to quadruple. LOL Can't ask for too much now can I?

Today is a good day... crampy... but not bad. Good things happening I hope. No bleeding, and no I won't jinx myself by saying that. I think the 2cc's of PIO and the bullet P4 suppository is helping with that. I have never done 2 cc's of PIO and NEVER did vaginal support b4 for P4. My body is liking this. I just hope the Beta is liking to climb up in counts too. Not just a small climb, but a HUGE climb.

I pray that this is one singleton hanging on in there.

I went to the dentist today and had to tell her I am very early pregnant.... Because I have to avoid x-rays and any excessive gum battery. Soooo, she was very excited for us and told me she needs to talk to my ob/gyn doc to discuss my next cleaning in my 2nd trimester due to my use of heparin. She can't and won't clean my teeth due to the risk of bleeding while on the heparin. gee, hopefully that will take me into my 9th month of pregnancy. LOL
She did give me a new tooth brush and some alcohol free mouth wash to use for now. NO TEETH cleaning for me for now.. just lots of brusing and flossing, which she knows I floss about 10 times a day.

I am tried and better head off to bed.. Plants watered, pool is treated(green today from the heat, ugh) and doggies tired too.

Oh, tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers growing already. YEAH. can't wait to pick my first batch of what is ripe first.

Thanks for haning in there with us.

Can't wait for a HUGE beta # soon so I can finally do that EPT and see a good word printed on the digital read out.

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