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Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh to wish to afford a maid... LOL

Maid? What? I so wish. DH and I are having family over this weekend for a BBQ/Pool party for the 3rd of July... We are tackling a room a night for the rest of the week. Tonight DH cleaned the Kitchen. YEAH.. I hate that job. I cleaned the living room. Cleaning included top of the tv stand.. yikes the dust bunnies were huge... and then the ceiling fan and window sills. I hate it that our house is so dusty. I blame it on 2 things, Dog/cat(3 dogs and 1 cat) hair and then I use baby power each day after my shower. I swear baby power leaves a coating of power all over the house. Yikes.

I admit I hate to clean. I would rather walk 2 miles in the 99 degree heat instead of cleaning house in the AC.

You? Do you like it or did you find a way to afford to hire a maid/cleaning service?


Anonymous said...

I would love to hire a cleaning lady!! I hate to clean too and don't do it as often as I should! My house is not horrible, I keep it picked up but to really clean?

We're getting ready for our party too - the getting ready part sucks!!


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