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Monday, June 13, 2005

oh yeah... I felt that

each tug and pull of the uterus gives me hope that I am having implantation cramps. hahahaha... Those of you that have gone through IF and have experienced the scrutiny of the 2ww, well you know how exciting those little twinges and tugs and pulls are. LOL

This is my sight from my back yard tonight.

beautiful. Stormy evening, but now it is quiet.

Watching Discovery Health Channel to get my fill of those programs.. You know.. It is baby week on DHC and I do this every time it is on. I watch it.. Thinking it will give me hope to get a BFP soon.

DH is late giving me my PIO shot .. Off to do my heparin shot.

Today is a good day... Dig in babies dig in.


Tempe said...

I don't know if you had that with your other cycles or not. With this last cycle, I felt what I was convinced were two implantations before any of the testing. My friend was telling everyone at her work how freaky I was after we found out it was twins. I tried explaining that it is very different when you know just what day or so to feel them burrowing in.
It sounds excellent. Is it just one location or more?

Anonymous said...

beautiful rainbow!!

tubelessstl said...

Tempe... yes.. last night I felt flutters 2 different times. YIKES>