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Thursday, June 16, 2005

1st of 2

tomorrow AM is my first beta of 2 I get to do with SIRM St. Louis. I have beta #2 on Monday and that is when I get the results of both beta's. They won't tell us on the first beta draw. So the torture begins.

I will most likely break down and do an hpt on Sunday. Now to decide on what brand to use. LOL

I feel pregnant one moment and then the next NOTHING. ARRGGHHH.

I am nervous. I don't want to think of the what ifs if it does not work. I am so scared.

All our married lives( and b4 that) Jeff and I have wanted to have children. We waited several years to get where we felt comfortable to move forward with trying ... after a time apart from each other due to other issues we had to work out, after deaths in both sides of the family that were devastating, after much love that we grew to know and appreciate again, We have given this our all. I have a great doctor and his staff to back us up, but even I know it is out of their hands. We have put everything out on the line. We have asked for Help from the Higher powers, we have given our love and devotion, our hearts and I am so scared that I can't give my husband a child we so deserve together. I know we are going to be parents one day soon, I just hope and pray that it is through this medical technique that is so amazing that we can achieve our dreams into a reality.

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Tempe said...

I'm impressed that you are holding out. On our first frozen cycle, Dr. Peter ended up calling the afternoon of the first beta. On this last fresh cycle, my husband couldn't wait and called to ask the results on first beta day.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, though it sounds as though you don't need it.