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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

diving back in. Renewing our homestudy

yes, we decided that we are going to renew our homestudy. Or home study, whichever way you want to write it. I'll stick with homestudy, even with spell checker telling me is is not a word(but two words).

I made my appointment online today with this new company . They use to be called Identix, but now another company owns them. See, in our first homestudy we did, DH and I went to the local City (dh) and County( me) police departments and had our "paper" finger prints done. Then we had to write out a check and send them to the state highway patrol to run our backgrounds and clear our fingerprints for OK for Jefferson City to approve us to be "clean" with our backgrounds so we could be approved to adopt legally. I go Monday to a high school not too far from my work. I asked my boss for a long lunch because I had to be fingerprinted and he was shocked, I guess he thought I was in trouble or something. LOL Then I told him it was for our homestudy renewal for adoption. He then seemed shocked we would want to adopt so quickly after our daughter's finalization this past month. Ha, who knows how long it might take again. heck, it took us from early 2006 to September 2007 to finally have a successful adoption with placement.

Ok, rambling, sorry.

So we also have to get new physicals, I have to get a letter form the pediatrician for J saying she is in good health (her appointment was at the end of March). THere is a whole list of items we need to get and have done before our social worker will finalize our homestudy.

You might ask why we are renewing... well, maybe, just maybe a situation will fall into our laps, but maybe not. In the long run, financially it is better to renew our homestudy each year instead of letting it lapse and having to do a new one from scratch.

more on this later. I have got to get to bed.

I hope all of you out there that are reading this and waiting for a placement keep the faith that a match and placement will happen. It WILL, I won't give up hope for you. I won't.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

teething tablets are being used now

lets see if this helps with her fussy ways, her drooling and her fully yanking her lower lip right out of her mouth while her fingers are still attached to trying to rip out the lower gums in her mouth.

Hylands teether tables. 2 tonight and I'll do more in the morning. FUN .

anyone else use these?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

still fighting colds off for all 3 but new words make it all better

man, we are so ready to be over these colds. Julia is mostly dealing with the stuffy nose at night and it makes us nervous listening to her sleeping. While camping this weekend, we took our normal turns of watching her at night (listening to her on the monitor), but DH took her into bed with him in the camper and let her sleep right next to him so he could keep an ear on her breathing. It was really hard for her to breath through her nose and was tending to cough a lot. Last night I watched her and she kept snoring so much because of the congestion. I know there is nothing we can give her and just need to let it runs its court so we will hang in there. Camping was fun. I got to take her for a walk on Saturday with a few friends. It was a great time. I got a little sunburn. That sunburn makes me worry about Julia now too. I have sunblock on my list to purchase for Julia. I am afraid of getting her burned so much it will hurt her. I will be diligent with the sun block for us both.

This weekend also brought on a new word to add to her vocabulary. She currently says mama. This has been her first and only word for a few weeks now. Today dh and I both confirmed she is now saying baba, which in Julia language means Bottle. We worked with her tonight on this and she sat in her booster seat for dinner and reached for her bottle and said baba. I am so trying hard to make her next word "papa" for her daddy. The other day I said dada and she truned her head to him to make sure he was there. So I know she is associating words with what they mean. Especially when I say doggie - she will instantly turn her head and spot one or three of the dogs we have. She loves her puppies.

Also, tonight we tried giving cheese chuncks to Julia to try and she LOVES them. I fear constipation from cheese, but she could not get enough of it. I will work on giving her some diluted apple juice when she eats lots of cheese to keep her moving, if you know what I Mean. Cheers to her trying more and more "table" foods now. The doctor encouraged it now that she is 7 months old.

Yes, 7 months old. OMG, girl you are getting so big. I'll set you on the scale at home tomorrow and let you all know what she weighs. And I need to measure her length. I bet she is well on her way to 26.5 inches long. She was 26" long 1.5 months ago. She fits well in a 12 month footed sleeper. THis girl is going to be towering over DH and I in a few years time. Bhahahahahaaha

been thinking about her birthmother so much this past week. I think I need to make a call to our go between contact to make sure she is doing ok. Usually we leave it in the court of J's birthmother to contact us when she is ready to see us in person, but I just want to give her a hug because I know she knew court was for us last week to make the adoption final. We love you H!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

spring brings a cold front

a cold as in sick. Julia, DH and I.

we love to share, but this is enough sharing of our colds. I feel much better today, but i bet my co-workers wished I had stayed home yet again. nope, i had to go in and catch up. I swear I am not contagious. Julia sounds like she is snoring while napping on me while i sit here typing one handed. DH is feeling better after doing some zycam (sp?) rounds in the last few days.

have you tried zycam? with my allergies to lots of drugs like sulfates and ibuprophin & aspirin, i am so afraid to try those types of cold meds.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

it was just a matter of time.....

I have worried that one day I would have to give into the fact that Julia would sleep on her belly. Well, this morning, I went i to check on her after 7:30 am (which is 1.5 hrs later than her usual 6 am wake time) and she was asleep on her belly.

I really thought it would have happened before this, but had wished it not to happen any time soon. I guess it is yet another milestone to log in her journal.

She also loves to get into dual raspberry blowing matches with her daddy. I'll try to catch that on video soon.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

shake shake shake... did you feel that?

I heard a small knock knock knock through Julia's baby monitor and then it slowly built and built and then RUMBLED.. RUMBLED... I woke DH and told him we just had an earthquake.

We both got up. I fed the dogs, checked on Julia and turned on the tv. Yup... fox 2 news just confirmed a 5.4 magnitude earthquake was centered around West Salem IL. WoW.

Some minor aftershocks are expected to hit too. I can't believe it woke me up.

did you feel it ?

aaaachhhooooo, sniffle, achhoooooo

dang, between the fevers, sneezing and coughing, have you heard our house rattle off its foundation last night and today?

Julia is running away with her runny nose. Sneezing and coughing. She had a slight fever last night that tylenol broke. She was good this morning so DH took her to the sitters knowing there was a good chance to get a call that she spiked a fever again, but never happened. Me, on the other hand, Sick as a dog from around 3 pm yesterday from after our court finaization of Julia's adoption. It hit me and hit me hard. I was down and out in bed at 10 pm (after watching Julia because DH had his nephew call to ask him to go to the cardinals game with him) I zonked with sleeping pills, antibiotic and tylenol in me, but it still would not break my fever of 100. I could not break that fever all day. Tylenol would bring it down a notch, but not enough to feel better. ANd now tonight, Julia's temps are normal like 98.3 and mine are back around 99.7 and 99.9. Ugh. I can't shake this crap. Swollen glands in my throat, aches, coughing up green crap and sneezing and almost making me pee my pants. THAT HAS GOT TO STOP SOON. My weak bladder can't take that sneezing abuse. LOL

Ok, wish us no more head cold days. AGain, I think Julia is breaking a tooth in so this is her warning us it is about to happen. Ahhhhh


anyone else sick this quick too?

ok, little one is down to bed, DH is sleeping (hopefully not catching my head/chest cold and fever) and I'm off to join them in REM dream sleep stage.

Monday, April 14, 2008

what it all means... Joy, emotions, tears and love part 2

Today is one day closer to the finalization hearing at the courts on Wednesday to complete J's adoption(just over 6 months after birth). I am nervous, scared, excited and feeling overwhelmed, expecially for J's birthmother. I know she knows the finalization is this week so I wonder how she is dealing with her emotions of this all. I want to go hug her right now. Whisper in hear ear "Thank you for a miracle and blessing, We all love you so much for making your adoption for J with us". I know she knows we love her, but I just don't want her to feel alone this week. I want her to know we are always here for her.

We invited both of our mom's to the court room for the hearing and pictures after with the judge. I am sad that the judge that we had for J's birthmother terminations rights will not be doing our case. He was so kind and said he can't wait to see us at 6 months to do the finalization. I know we will still enjoy having the judge we do get. I do plan on having the camera charged up and ready to go for J's memory book. I want to celebrate, yet I will be so emotional. I just know it. I actually came in the house from work yesterday and saw that DH was red eyed. He was nearly in tears while holding J. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was just getting very emotional about her finalization coming up. It really touched my heart. I know men don't always express how they are feeling, but he has been so wonderful in letting me in on how he feels about J in our lives and her adoption process. I'll keep you posted for Wednesday's hearing.

Julia, your growing so fast. even from my post on Friday, you have started doing the following. You are now doing what I call a scoot crawl. You manage to cruise the floor every possible way, sideways, rolling, pushing yourself forward and backwards. You get pissy when you back yourself up against the chair or couch side or table legs. You won't let us leave the room without throwing a hissy fit. You tried vanilla yogurt for the first time today. Your eating is crappy right now. I wonder if you are ready to pop a tooth. I keep feeling for them, but you refuse to let either daddy or I get in there to check. We had to lower your crib mattress. You managed to start to pull yourself up on the rail and eat the railing. Body 1/2 up to the rail height so tonight daddy lowered your mattress all the way down and we just lowered the rail one position down so you are not soo far down. Before you know it, you will be standing up so this works. You like to drag the palm of your hand across the wood floor and make funny noises. You love to jabber while looking at me from the floor you are cruising. SLOW DOWN GIRL, you are growing way too fast.

it is still melting my heart hearing her say mama when I leave the room or when she is tired. sigh.. I LOVE IT. Her arms go up in the air when we approach her to pick her up.

Friday, April 11, 2008

what it all means... Joy, emotions, tears and love

today, April 11, 2008, you were a fuss bucket tonight when I got home from work. Daddy was holding you when I came in the door and as soon as you saw me you smiled, but as I walked to the dining room to put my purse and bag down, you threw a fit. This is one of your newest milestones (at least that is what I call it). You have a separation anxiety issue now. You don't like it when we leave the room for a split second. Even tonight, you cried hard, screaming, when I went 2 steps away from you. WOW, nice lungs girl. Exercising the lungs is a good thing, but it is becoming ear piercing. LOL You have a great way of expressing your feelings and most of the time it is through smiles, but tonight and the last few nights it was through a high pitched pissy scream. I LOVE IT. I really do. The wait for you to come into our lives is all about this. I am not complaining, but rather documenting this for you to know how you are growing up so fast.

Next milestone is that you are eating like a little piggy. I love feeding you, as it is always a challenge. Each night you seem to change your habits of eating. Tonight, you hardly ate, but rather liked your gerber cookie stick. Sucking on it and getting so messy. I took your shirt off and bib off tonight when I gave you the cookie stick because you get it everywhere. I love that too. Thank goodness you got a bath tonight after that.

You love playing with your peek-a-boo blocks and toys. We sit you in your crib to play often while we clean your room or work on other things in the house. As long as you have a toy to play with, you are so content.

Tonight you were sitting on the blanket on the floor and realized that Sadie(the youngest pup) had her paws hanging over the edge of the couch. You reached over, grabbed her paw (she did not flinch) and you proceeded to shake her paw back and forth and then put her toes and paw in your mouth. I reached over and asked you to stop, you did stop eating her paw, but you did keep shaking it back and forth. Sadie just sat there looking at you and enjoyed the attention. Ha. Just wait until you are walking and chasing her, Sadie will quickly find the highest point to avoid you I bet.

This past week, you were at Aunt C's house with cousin L watching you. When I came to pick you up, Aunt C told me that you were saying Mama. Daddy said you said it also tonight. You know how much this melts my heart? Oh my gosh. tears well up just thinking about it.

When we are in the car, you babble more often now. I kind of wish my drive to take you to the sitters house was longer so I could bask in your chattiness. Bahahaha

while on your tummy the other night, you got up on your arms and arched your back and proceeded to push yourself in a complete circle around the floor. I guess the backwards crawling is next.

No teeth yet, but I do think something is going on with your bottom front gums. We will see, I know that tooth or teeth will come in sooner than later.

YOu have grown out of your 6 month footed sleepers. You are now having to wear the 9 month sleepers with feet in them. Otherwise you are able to use the 3-6 month clothes and most 6 month sizes also.

I loved spending the day with you yesterday. We had no sitter and daddy was not home from Charlotte yet so I stayed home with you on a vacation day. I must say that although I only have 12 vacation days left for this year, the day's I have taken off so far mean and help me remember that it is all worth every moment with you.

Blessings as you grow girl
happy smiles are here
blow raspberries and give your head a swirl
you are my cuddle bear.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

wordless wednesday

6 month stats:
15.1 lbs
26 inches tall
words: dahdahdahdah, mahmahmah, gahgahgah, heeeeheeeeheeee,haaaahaaaahaaaa

Monday, April 07, 2008

progress all in the name of time......

well, we have a new tub installed. New blue board around the tub, tile around the tub, new plumbing for the most part, new plaster patches on all walls, some paint put up and that nasty popcorn textured ceiling taken down too. Thank goodness the plasterer (is that even a word?) was able to scrape all of that nasty popcorn ceiling texture off by hand and was able to make it so smooth and repaint it white. Yeah. It looks so much better. He was also able to paint the color DH had picked out for the walls, but needs to come back and repatch one wall and then do the cut in trim painting. The tile installer / contractor is coming back Wednesday morning and will work most of the day on putting in the grout and then installing the floor tile and grout. YEAH. Progress All in the name of time. It is taking time because of a few snags in the road, but it will be so much better for us to use with Julia growing up so fast now. She is really getting too active to sit in the kitchen sink for her baths anymore. LOL

passing my ebay torch to my momma..... come view her ebay sales

my mom and aI have worked on Ebay sales of these baby bottle holders for the last few years to help us fund our adoption. It has really paid off and helped us pay for several little ticketed items in this current adoption of J. She was all worth the work.Well, now that a majority of my time is spent with her at night and since I work full time during tghe days, I am not able to keep up with my ebay sales. I have no passed the torch of selling over to my mom. She sells fabric patterns / sewing patterns / and a few other hand made items so now she is adding in the baby bottle holders in those sales also. Those sales will help her in her retirement she lives by now. She also told me that a good portion of the funds will go to a savings account for the college savings for all 7 of her grand children on my side of the family, which thankfully now includes Julia in that account savings. SWEET.

So if you have a moment please go over and peek at my mom's sales on Ebay.

her seller name is :sidneyray0

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

shoot, dangitalready, frick frack

one of the cabinets we bought and DH put together is too deep to put in our bathroom as we had hoped. Ugh. We will leave it up to the contractor to decide when he does the install if it is usable. If not, we have to eat the cost as we don't have the box to return it and since he put it together with the screws for the back it is considered used now. Lowes most likely won't take it back for refund. Shoot, Dagnabbit. Money down the drain if the contractor can't figure out a way to fit it in there. What a mess. Maybe he can cut about an inch off the whole floor to ceiling back of the cabinet to fit it in there, but that would be some hard work. I'll keep you posted in a few days when we talk to him for when he does a walk through of what our plans are. HAHAHAHAHA, nothing is ever easy, right?

I don't like the mirror vanity we bought, but I'll live with it for a while (maybe a few months) before we can afford to take it out and install some cute brushed nickel finished handled mirror mounts for the sink mirror. huummmmm.