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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Approaching the incredible 2 years old

Our beautiful daughter turns 2 on Sunday. 24 months old. I still can remember the moment she was born (I was in the delivery room with her birthmother) and seeing her take her first breath was such a blessing and joy in our lives. I can tell her this story when she is older and understands it. I tell her when we look at her birth pictures that I was there and Daddy was in the hallway hearing her first cry. I will cherish this and share this with her every moment I can, especially on her Birthday each year. Thank you to her tummy mommy for making her adoption plan for Julia with us and helping her name her with us. We picked Julia's first name and her tummy mommy / birthmother picked her middle name. In adoption, sometimes the birthmother and or birthfamily will name the baby and then the adoptive couple will give the child a name they will call him or her. We were blessed to have her tummy mommy tell us she wanted us to pick her first name and she would pick the middle name so Julia Marie..... we love you.

Approaching the age of two bring so many fun and interesting times in our lives with our daughter. She has recently started this high pitched scream during both fun play time and times when she wants to defy our wishes and instructions. For example, tonight, we were playing in the back yard, it was getting dark and time to come in, I nicely asked Julia to please come inside now and she started immediately with the high pitched scream and running away from me away from the house. Oh the ears. I am sure the neighbors thought I was probably hurting her, but alas, I was not and was only trying to chase her around the back yard to catch her and bring her inside. Against her will, of course! The scream was not a screech, it was a long ear piercing scream. No, I am not the bad mommy and won't give into her screams. I finally caught up with her and she stopped screaming only 1 second before we reached the door and then politely waved goodbye to my neighbor sitting on her back porch. Oh great, the neighbors were really out there. Oh well. She raised two boys years ago so I am sure she knows this routine we have fallen into when Julia does not want to go inside.

We go for her 2 year check up next week. I last measured her at 37" tall, 26.6 lbs about 3 weeks ago. I bet she has grown since. Maybe my measurements were off though. Ha. I am going to have to buy 3T for winter for sure with this girl. Heck, some of her pajamas are already 4T, but they are fit tight style two piece pajamas.

the other night while daddy gave her a bath, she counted up to 15 with daddy. She will partially sign (asl sign language)and sing her ABC's with me. We sing in the car on the way to the sitters each morning and last week she sang all of You Are My Sunshine with me! sweet! She is learning her colors and can tell me what a triangle is. She loves to draw and color in her coloring books too. When she takes a bath, she always asks for her ABC bucket. She got this last year for her birthday and we always put them up on the tile around the tub when she bathes.

oh.. gotta go for now, stay tuned for more on her 24 month birthday update and her tummy mommy update. So here is a picture to enjoy for now....

Monday, September 07, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

A few weeks back, I sent a box to Julia's birthmother filled with 2 update letters and pictures about Julia over the last year. In that box I included a few things for her birthsiblings, toys and such, and then I included a pack of stamped envelopes and blank cards (greeting cards) and wrote a little note to ask them to write back to us and Julia. THEY DID... Julia's birthsister "B", wrote us back in a days time. Literally. She included several pictures of herself and wrote us a nice little note that she loves us all.

Last week, we got more letters from both B and Julia's birthmother H. I LOVE IT. I got them out again and read through them today. That is my PERFECT MOMENT MONDAY!

I Capture Perfect Moments.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

New Adoption TV .. online....


I have not had time to look into this, but my friend sent us the link... I'll post more about it later when I can view the topics and dates to air.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009