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Thursday, June 30, 2005


that is how I am feeling. I am in a funk and admit I will have to seek help for this soon if it does not pass. I know I have talked about it b4, but I think the need for an anti-depressant is going to be necessary to get me through this loss of the pregnancy and into the summer months and through the fall until we can decide when to cycle again and or move onto adoption.

Gosh, I hate it when I feel I have lost control of the emotional aspect of this all. I know the hormones are raging and that is one reason, but usually I can snap out of the funk of a bad cycle right away. Not this time. I admit it. I hate defeat, but I admit that drug involvement might be necessary to get me through this. DH is a rock, but I think he is realizing he can't fix my FUNK. He can try to say all the right things, but I just snap and go off. I can't give myself this pep talk to get well and it hurts to admit it, but I do.

Therapy is an option, but she is very very expensive and I can't afford that right now so I think a very good option is talking to the doc and asking for the meds to help me deal with the emotional side of things.

Last time I was on an antidepressant I was not able to cry, emotions were totally shut down and I did not like that, but that was 4 years ago and things have changed with meds recently and I hope they can help.

Defeat is recognized and will be rewarded with a new outlook on things when the meds can start working.

How do you deal with depression?


KD said...

Non-antidepressant-related helps for depression that I employ:
Chocolate, talking to close friends, talking to family, talking to my hubby, more chocolate, exercise, taking long walks, taking long bubble baths, watching stupid comedies, more chocolate, reading a really really good book, pouring out my heart to people I don't really know, going out with friends, getting stupid drunk, more chocolate, having a good long unapologetic cry, going shopping, pampering myself with a special beauty treatment or massage, more chocolate, or any combination of the above.

I am very anti-antidepressant (not like scary Tom Cruise!) and I wish the funds were there for you to talk to a counselor, but if it comes down to taking a little pill for a little while or seeing this terrible loss tear your life apart, I'd rather you took the pill.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with antidepressants. You'll find that most people who are "against" them have never taken them. Odd, eh? If that's what you need to get you over the hump, do it. Don't listen to people who don't approve--it's none of their business anyway. What's right for you may not be right for anyone else, but it may just be the one thing that solves your problems.

Lexipro is a relatively new antidepressant. It is apparently the result of many trials and much lab work in an effort to get rid of the common side effects that most antidepressants have. Apparently, patients on it report much fewer side effects. Also, because it has been refined a bit more than the others, the dosage is small. You would start on 2 to 4 mg vs. 250 to 500 of something else. I'd ask your doctor about it.

Zoloft has worked well for me, too.

Best of luck. Hang in there. Things will get better eventually.

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