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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Chocolate is the cure all.

What better than Chocolate to sooth the pain? Yup... ZINGERs. Gosh.. yum. Man, I know they are bad... but heck,.... I had to smooth over my aches and pains today and wallowed in chocolate to do it.

HAHAHAHA, laugh with me damnit.

Ok, what is next ? Beta #4 tomorrow and then the wait for the call to help me figure out what is our next step in this doomed cycle. I dread the call, yet I am anxious to get it moving forward and resolved. You know, limbo sucks. You have been there, haven't you?

Ok, I am going to do a "What Am I Thankful for" post tomorrow. Think about it... and come back tomorrow night and post your response as to what you are thankful for.

Oh... I am babysitting tomorrow night and looking forward to the fun time with my niece and nephew. I just hope that this body holds off on starting this miscarriage until after that. Yikes.

I will wish you all a TGIF tomorrow.

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Molly said...

Becky have you tried that new Ben and Jerry's icecream called Chocolate Therapy? it is like Chocolate icecream with chocolate pudding icecream, and something else in it. Sounds good to me.