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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

my choice.... 10:30 am or 1pm

Well, I got a phone call on my Cell today from M at Dr. Ahlerings office.. WOW... They said I could come in Friday for our FET transfer at 10:30 AM... well, I was so surprised and said "So Early?,Dr. A said it would be in the afternoon." she then said I could come in later if I wanted... I was shocked.. REally? "Well see", I told her, "DH needs to come and the later time would work out perfectly" WOOOHOOOOO

So we go in at 1 pm on Friday to pick up our precious babies.

How cool is that? I sure hope this uterine condo is ready for a resident for the next 8 -9 months.

ok, dinner is almost here, be back later to blog more.

ok back... Get this.. I have our transfer on Friday day... but DH and I got tickets to the Cardinals vs. Yanks game.. Frick. I can't go. Go figure.. DH is going to go still. I will be on bed rest so no worries. Oh well. I am sure I will be able to see one of the greatest teams / managers again one day. Well, maybe not Torre.

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