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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thanks for the buyers

I did ok on ebay this week. I was shooting for 1/2 of my items to sell, but I did not make that personal quota, but... but ... check this out(click the link to the ebay listing below)............

My Quacker Factory sweater
did fabulous! WOW!

Several other items sold and put a few good bucks into our adoption funds. Hey, $83.46 in one week is a huge stack of coins and dollars to chip away at that number we just paid out to the agency. I am on the hunt now for these quacker factory sweaters now that I know I was able to sell the two in the last few weeks. I love digging through my closet to find an item that is a treasure to someone else and so I can clean it out of my house. Yard sales are a good place to start to fine more of these sweaters. Now that I know what I have is a seller, I can keep an eye out for them at sales to snag and list. I love the sweaters myself, but I don't wear them that often due to always being too hot. Lordy knows the sweltering summer weather is hear already. (fanning myself with a thick piece of paper today was my saver).

Going shopping tomorrow with my niece (soon to be 14) at the local mall. No, I won't spend my hard earned ebay money tomorrow. I promise. I am only taking her so she can go buy a few things with her $ left over from confirmation. FUN. I can't wait to see the clothes she wants to buy(but little does she know her mom has told me WHAT NOT TO BUY as some things are not allowed in their house like short short mini skirts, etc.). My niece is a bean poll so I expect she will want to buy a few little skirts and a few tops. I can't wait to spend some time with her.

No news on the adoption front. ... no, wait.... we are working on meeting up with the new agency's social worker to work on our dbm letter and picture profile for their agency. Each agency has their own suggestions as to what to put in the letter and what pictures to use and how many to use and how to arrange them. I overnighted a copy of the profile folder (letter/pic profile combined) to the agency owner for him to put his suggestions in, then he will forward it to the social worker here for her to share with us on what to change. FUN. So meantime I have bought a scrapbooking software my friend suggested to use and I plan on using that next week to build a new profile to the agency's liking. I don't mind doing this because working with our photos and scanning the older photos is fun. We got to think back to what and when and where that picture was taken.

Congrats to the new mamma, a friend I met a few years back that went to the IF support group I attended too. Blessing to the new family! I can't wait to do this too. I can't wait for our hearts to grow with a new love.

I can say it now... TGIF

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