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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Do you remember this post in April?

quoted(sorry I can't get the link to work):

I posted this on April 16th in this blog...........

have you served your duty?

I received, filled out and returned a survey a few weeks back from the federal courts. Yup, that means I am most likely set in the pool for Federal Grand Jury service. I told DH that I had a feeling that life will pull a Murphy's law on us and we would be blessed with an adoption match or placement and I at the same time I would be called for Federal Grand Jury duty. I don't know why, but when I get these feelings, they usually happen as I feel them. Anyone have Federal Grand Jury duty before? I heard you will be put on what is considered an on call list. They would call you ahead of time to say you may be called up to duty on such and such days. Is that true? I have a co-worker that was called up and actually served on a jury for 2 weeks straight. Not sequestered, but in court each day for 14 days."

Well it happened. I got my Juror summons today for Federal Grand Jury. WOW. That was quick. Reporting days: Monday, June 18 - Friday, June 29th. Yes, you read that right. 18th - 29th. OMG.. I can't believe it.. but the good thing is that I get to call the night of the 17th to find out if I really have to report. Then If I do, I go in on Monday and find out how many days they will need me there on site to wait for possible pool call up. BUT, I might not need to be there all of the 10 days they say.... that is if I don't get picked for a long jury. HAHAHAHAHA

Anyone that is reading this know of anyone or served yourself? Federal Grand Jurdy duty service that is, not your local city.

The bad part of all of this? DH and I had planned on leaving town on the 17th to go to Trail of Tears state Park for a full week of camping. We had to cancel our reservations tonight. Frick.

Now you know, the thinking person in me has my mind churning that I would wish for this to be a reason that we would then get a call from the adoption agency with a potential match due that same week of Grand Jury service too! LOL Yup, that is my Murphy's Law brain thinking. FUBC

Anyone served Federal Grand Jury duty? If so, give me some pointers as to what to expect, what I can bring with me (no, I did not read the phamplet yet they gave me, but will do so tomorrow). I am still in shock I was called up so quickly.

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JennyK said...

I did federal jury duty about 8 years ago. I spent a LOT of time waiting around (so bring some books! and COFFEE!)... I was dismissed when interviewed for the first case they brought us in for -- at the time, I worked with law enforcement against drugs and it was a federal cocaine case so the defense attny didn't want me. The second case was some postal worker's lawsuit against the USG. I didn't get called into the box for an interview, so I ended up not serving on a jury at all. Odd, since I would have enjoyed the experience.