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Monday, May 14, 2007

digging in the dirt

No, no post about dirt on people, but more so about dirt in my yard. Ha. No, I am not up to being snarky about my neighbor right now. More on that later! I promise.

I am one that likes to try my green thumb at anything. I tried it at gardening a few years back with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and red peppers. I was very successful.

See, actually it all started about 5 years ago with a tomato plant growing out of the crack of my sidewalk one Spring. I rescued it out of the crack and planted it in the "rock" garden next to my deck steps. It was a huge success. I knew not what kind of tomato plant it was until the cute little yellow flower buds starting appearing. It was a cherry tomato plant and very bountiful at that. It was a miracle plant because it grew out of the crack of the sidewalk from a pile of bird droppings. Yes, great fertilizer it was. Ha.

So 4 years ago I was very successful again at growing 3 tomato plants (big boy, roma and cherry) and added in the cucumbers and green peppers. Success. My co-workers loved my free baskets of cherry tomatoes (see, dh hates tomatoes and I can't eat them all).

2 years ago, ARGGGHHH.. The bunny rabbits raided my garden. FUCKING RABBITS. They bit the stalks of both my cucumber vines and destroyed my 1/4 mature cucumbers(about 30 of them) and then proceeded to destroy my 3 tomato plants also. Green peppers did not make it. I think slugs got to them. I gave up and did not replant last year.

So this year, I have my 3 tomato plants. Big boy, hybrid roma and a grape tomato plant instead of cherry(couldn't find cherry at lowes this past weekend). 2 cucumber vines, 7 green and red pepper plants! Yum. I am going to put up some, hopefully, bunny proof fencing and keep them damn rabbits out of my garden. I have a soaker hose set up so I can water when camping too. Oh the tomatoes take 60-90 days for ripe tomatoes and I can't wait. Seems forever, but it will be here b4 I know it.

So I will try and take a picture of the plants once I get them in the ground tomorrow night. I will then keep my journal on them as much as possible. I know, a boring garden show? No, it is a hobby I have that I love and it will keep me busy while we wait for that magic phone call from the adoption agency. See, it is all a strategy! Keep myself as busy as possible so I am surprised when we do get that call! hopeful thinking here, stay with me.

Speaking of adoption. I am thinking of trying a letter campaign to friends and family to give them a little update on the waiting period and our home study renewal last month. Then will ask them to keep their ears open for any word from friends or anyone that might know if any potential adoption situations that we can contact our lawyer about.

I have learned to keep looking no matter what or where we are. I am working on a little business card type to give out to people with our contact info on it. Just in case they might know of any potential situations then they can call us about. Why not, right? gotta keep searching and spreading the word.

Ok, off to bed, work in the AM and then home to plant my garden and snap some pictures of it.

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twolinesonastick said...

I know this sounds really basic and I'm sure you've tried it, but have you tried putting some marigolds around your garden?

I just got done planting my flowers- about 1/4 of what I normally do because of lack of time for planting and upkeep- but I'll have to post a picture one of these days.