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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Forbidden fruit (well, shrimp at least)

Last night DH and I headed to Longhorn Steakhouse to enjoy my gift card from work for my Professional Administrative Day. Ha. 60 bucks to splurge with. We both got a great appetizer. Then we ordered steaks and potatoes, but I added in Shrimp Scampi. See, I have not had shrimp in ages and the last time I had it I broke out in hives. So I temped fate and tried them again thinking they were cooked well and in a different saute sauce (not the typical peel and each shrimp at a party with cocktail sauce). I took a benedryl before to avoid hives, but that did not help. I was in hives in a matter of 10 minutes of eating 3 of those delicious shrimp. OMG they were so good, but I had to stop at 3 because I could feel the hives coming out on my hands and in my hair on my scalp. FUCK. This means I can't ever eat shrimp again. I love me some shrimp too :(

I am glad I took a benedryl. Or else I would have ended up in the ER for a shot or two like I have in the past from other food allergies along with a few drug allergies. I hate it. I hate that I have to be so careful to not eat certain foods and to make sure all my fruits and veggies are washed well before consuming.

Both my sister and my girlfriend have insisted I call the doc to get some EPI pins to carry with me in case I have a bad anafalactic shock one day from my allergies. My sister is highly , wait, VERY HIGHLY allergic to bee stings and has had two bad sting episodes of hives and shock set in before she reached the ER. Thank goodness for the EPI pins to slow the reactions down or else something very sad could have happened to her. I don't want to be like that so I better crack down and get some Epi pins from the PCP.

Anyone have allergic reactions to unwashed fruits, veggies, pistachio nuts, shell fish? Why are the great things in life so yummy, yet so harmful?

About 9 years ago I had bought some plums to eat. I was busy at work and grabbed one to chomp on without having really washed it, just rubbed it clean (so I thought) from fingers and dirt visibly showing on the skin. Well, in 2 hours time I was body head to toe with hives and having to take a bath in aveeno with lots of prednisone in me from a called in Rx from my PCP. He said to come in the ER If it did not get better, but the Pred. did the trick. Now Benedryl works as well as long as it is in tablet shape and I can crack it in half to help it absorb quickly. It is a crazy feeling, hives popping up on the skin and lips then on the tongue and in the back of the throat. When I had another reaction to some Sulfate for my bladder infection I had and combined with guaifenesin for a sinus infection, I ended up in the ER with my throat closing off from the hives. That was scary. I had 3 epi shots in the ER and 2 benedryl shots to calm the hives down. So no more non-washed plums and no more SULFATES EVER.

Did you realize that one of the main ingredients in your shampoo for your beautiful hair is SULFATE. Yes, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Go look. Well for years I could not figure out why I always had small tiny blisters on my head . Guess what, I am allergic to Sulfates. Had I not had that reaction to the sulfate for my bladder infection, I would have never known why my tiny blisters on my head were happening all the time. Well, I promptly switched to Sulfate Free Shampoo (ouch, expensive) and in two days my head cleared up and I was not itching all the time. Amazing what things you can be so sensitive to in this world of ours.

Thank goodness for benedryl, Epinephrin and Prednisone.

Ahhhh, I feel better today after an early exit to bed due to some benedryl.

I did enjoy dinner! Thanks to that gift card. Yummy.


twolinesonastick said...

I am horribly allergic to penicillin. I have to take it before dental work because I had heart surgery as a baby, so it's some stupid AHA precaution. Anyway apparently I developed an allergy to it and have to take massive doses, like 2000 mg or something within an hour... so when I was like 21 I ended up in the ER after a dentist visit... by route of ambulance... in shock and on oxygen. I no longer take anything ending in "cillin." I also got horrible hives from an undetermined food allergy about three weeks before my wedding and they took days and days and many doses of prednisone and other stuff to get rid of them. So I sympathize with you.

stlouisgal said...

You poor thing, you have been though enough and then to hav all of these allergies too, UGH!! I am not allergic to anything that I know of, but I do hav ean EX DH that was allergic to shell fish, he almost died one time (probably should have let him :-) it would have saved me grief). HAHAH. But a co-worker is allergic to fruit, FRESH FRUIT and any fruit W/SKIN.

Sucks, so sorry, but know your not alone on this. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your dinner anyway????