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Thursday, May 24, 2007

ebay sales in action again

Yes, I am self promoting because I sure need to find a way to help pay for that check I just sent the new agency. Ha.

Come peek at my Ebay items.

Lots of baby bottle holders (more to be listed soon).
Cute 1x Sweater (thanks mae for making me dig out my sweater, I forgot I had this qf sweater)
Some charms from my old TOPS of Missour Group.
and more things to be added soon.

My thoughts are that I don't want to go get a second job so I will try and list the things in my house that I need to clear out for when we do eventually have a baby here so s/he can have all the space they need.

I am working on sending the social worker at new agency a copy of our profile so we can work on one for them. Shoot, I need to get that email out to her with the attachments.

Does anyone know how to convert .sig files into a .pdf file? I have my profile pages (pictures) in Print Shop, but I don't know how to convert them over to .pdf files to allow other to edit them if they don't have Print Shop. Really, I am willing to pay a gentle fee for anyone that can help me do this. Email me if you can help out.

Ok, off to keep listing things on Ebay.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend. If anything comes up with any of the 3 agencies we are with, I will post soon!

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