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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I decided to start the protocol for adoptive breastfeeding again, but just a little different this time around. I did not do any bcp's in prep for this protocol. I would have needed 3 months minimum, but decided that since I produced near 10=12oz a day from July to November on the Domperidone, I can do the dom to prep myself again instead of doing bcp'S AND dom 3 months then dropping the bcp's. Pumping and doing Dom for weeks and weeks 8=10 times a day on pumping. I also hand express into a bottle during working hours.

So today is day 3 of the domperidone and the fenugreek tablets. I have managed to pump 6 times today and got GOLD SWEET GOLD DROPS of MILK at all sessions. Nothing to collect, but I have a feeling I will be there soon. I need to put all my supplies together incase we get a call to travel out of town. Nice.

Oh. one side effect of this pumping and domperidone? Ummmm, Blush.... It make me frisky for dh. hE LIKE THAT.

PERKS CAN BE FOR ME, BABY AND DADDY. lol. No match with a baby yet, but we are still staying hopeful and looking forward as we know it can happen to anyone so quidkly.

Gotta go to sleep. Gotta.

congrats again to baby L , who is being adopted by c and B. YEAH. My baby lust has gotten to me and I need to see him when they get settled in also so I can bring them a gift for baby l.

Gotta add this link to the videos of proper breastfeeding. There is one at the bottom that gives you details on how to use supplemental nursing by tube for adoptive breastfeeding. YEAH!
WARNING//// DO NOT OPEN THESE IN A PUBLIC PLACE// OR WHILE AT WORK. //Some might take offense to the graphic nature of the natural breast at work to feed her child.


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twolinesonastick said...

I think its awesome that you are doing this. Have you had any side effects with the fenugreeK? I am planning to start it this week, talked to my OB about it today at my six week check because my pediatrician said I should run it by her. She said it usually works but can make some people a little nauseated. Just curious what your experience was, and where you bought it. You can email me if you want, tara(underscore)dargan(at)hotmail(dot)com