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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finding a cure for Breast Cancer

Today I set out a list for sign up names at my work and also put out Company matching contribution forms to collect donations for the Race for the Cure here in St. Louis. It is a huge drive to fund money that partially stays here in St. Louis for the researchers and to help those directly touched by this nasty evil Cancer.

Natalie's work is putting together a team and several of Natalie's friends from the old Resolve days are joining in too. The walk is Saturday June 16th downtown St. Louis. I am going to try and meet a few of my friends at the metrolink stop and ride the metro downtown. Much easier on parking. So we will get Race for the Cure shirts and also Catalina Marketing shirts too. FUN. I am so excited to go and support so much women (and a few men) that have had breastcancer. To Celebrate the living and to remember the lost. Sad to say I know more than I want that I have lost to breastcancer. Lets find a cure!

If you would like to make a donation, feel free to contact Komen, Race for the cure. online.

Cheers to a nice weather day, Fun walk and Lots of pictures to show the Celebration of life in the ladies in pink.


Jennifer said...

I'm signed up :) My place of employment has a team and I sign up every year. It's a great cause - one of the best.

tubelessstl said...

It is amazing the number of friends and even family that I know that will be down there that Saturday.

Cheers to finding that cure and keeping these well deserved ladies around until their ripe age of 90.

I have my first donation through work. 25 from the employee and a matching 25 from the company!!! Yeah.