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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the check is in the mail

Actually the check(4700.00) and contract with the agency has been received by them. I checked DHL today and confirmed it was signed for. Left St. L at 8:40 last night and reached Columbia MO today at 9:00.

Now that the hard part of writing that check out to the new agency I can let my high end nerves come down. I hope we hear from the agency soon, but then again it means my high end nerves will be back up to top level and I will be on the busy path of updating our DBM letter and picture profile. FUN!

Speaking of picture profiles, a friend recommended a scrapbooking software to use. I think I will stop tomorrow night and get it from Sams. Anyone use a scrapbooking program b4? I have not and am curious how well it will go. I don't have the criteria from he agency yet on what to do with our picture profile so I hope we hear soon so I can make sure I have a fun weekend of working on the software and scanning more pictures.

I also heard from this friend that the DBM letter will be 1/4 of what we currently have, which is 2.5 pages long. Wow, short and sweet and to the point. It will be interesting to see what they revise on ours. Hard to tell our story in only a few paragraphs, but I know it can be done.

Ok, off to go watch my niece graduate from grade school. Oh that brings back memories. As a matter of fact, I wonder what happened to my grade school graduation pictures. I really want to see what I looked like back then. ahahahahaha


Kittymama said...

We never had kindergarten, grade school or middle school graduations when I was growing up, but it seems like a lot of schools are doing them now, which I think is a great idea.

On another note, I have been keeping up with your friend Natalie and her Caringbridge journal and I have been praying for her. When you first posted the link, I went to her journal and read every entry starting with the very first one, and I literally couldn't stop thinking about her. Anyway, I wanted you to know that she is in my prayers.

Kittymama said...

I just went to her journal and noticed that Natalie and I share exactly the same birthday! She mentioned that she turned 39 on May 22, and so did I!