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Monday, May 21, 2007

Adding avenues to our path of adoption

First of all, let me start by saying I love our social worker/agency owner(sw/ao). She is so helpful and understanding and has such positive things to say. I can't wait to call her or have her call me with a match and placement!

That leads me into saying that we have decided to broaden our search for an adoption match/placement by way of signing with another agency. I am mailing the packet off tomorrow. Our sw/ao totally encourages this. DH left her a message today to let her know that we are going to sign with another agency this week and she called back and left us a message to tell us she is 100% supportive of our decision and asked us to keep her posted if something comes up by any avenue through an agency or independent situation.

This keeps us active with her, an agency in KS and another agency in MO. I am excited to know that we have this many options available to us. I know some other agencies across the country discourage you to be with more than them as your agency and even make you sign that in the contract. Our number one goal is to adopt and become parents, thus we need to be able to have options available to us and thankfully we do. We can choose this and we did.

I am excited about this because we have pondered this option for a few months now. The one that that was holding us back was putting up a considerable amount of funds with another agency. This sum of money is non-refundable with each agency, but it is a stake in our future to become parents so it it so worth it. If by chance we are matched and adopt through any of the agencies, all we need to do is call the others and they will put our contract on hold for our second child. YEAH! I love that possibility.

Ok, gotta get the butt in gear for selling on ebay again, having a yard sale or two (looking for donations if anyone is interested in cleaning house) and babysitting as much as possible (email me if you know of anyone that is looking for a sitter).

Speaking of babysitting, I am watching D & B Wednesday evening. I am excited to see them again. Their mom called me to sit tonight, but called back to change nights to Wed. night. Cool! I am excited to sit for them again since the sun will still be up and we can go outside and play. I missed doing that over the winter because I would usually get there after work and it would be dark out already. I know D loves to play ball and search for bugs under rocks and B is right by his side the whole time. I love it. I gotta remember to take some shorts to change into so I can run around with them outside before it does get dark. I need to print off some pages off of the internet to color. They love power rangers and superheros to color too. Oh and dinosaurs. Can't wait.

Ok, off to do some much needed laundry and then go plant the rest of my veggie garden and plants on the porch. Oh shoot, I forgot to get another bag of potting soil. Dang it.

We are hosting a bbq for DH's immediate family this coming Sunday. Shame we can't have the pool open. The poor pool is too dangerous to open it because part of the side is rusting out. The thing is near 16 years old so I can't blame it for giving out. BUT we don't have the cash to buy a new pool right now, especially with signing with agency #3. :) That is a good thing!

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Tara said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I'm off to catch up!
Thanks for your comment on mine. :)