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Monday, May 28, 2007

Fortune Cookie

We had Chinese dinner the other night and we got our fortune cookies along with the meal. We ate at home, but I never did open my cookie.

I have a superstition. Even though the cookie was stale (today), I insist I eat a part of it before I can read the fortune. So today while prepping some corn on the cob for bbq dinner with DH at home, I bit a piece of the cookie off and chewed. Yes, Chewed. Nice and stale. I had to do this. Just something I can't open and read first without a bite of that cookie. Yum. No, I did not eat the whole thing. I am not that superstitious. Ha

My Fortune read:


Ahhh, I love this one. Sure, I could say my life will never be the same after reading one of these fortunes, but I don't base my life on them. I simply read them and say "Hey, that could be me". Then I save the fortune and date it on the back to go back and read it a few months later. I compare life to today to see if anything I had in mind for goal orientation has been reached. So I will let you know in a few months time if my goals are reached.


1) clean the house on schedule (once a week). (we do sweep often due to doggies but not dust like we should)
2) work on setting up my sewing/craft room downstairs so that I can keep the door open and not be embarrassed to let anyone see that room.
3) Lose some much needed poundage (10 lbs is my goal by Summer end).
4) organize the clothes in the nursery.
5) make 400 bucks on ebay by end of July. (better get cracking on that one).
6) get a potential match with a birthmother through one of 3 adoption agencies we are with.
7) reorganize my files at work at my desk

Not too bad of a list. I know some are very very possible to accomplish.

Oh, and I want to see a few friends that are adopting to be successful in bringing their children home soon.

Do you set goals for yourself like this? If so, do you try and put a simple time frame on them or are you strict to keep them to a 30 day time line or 60 day etc?

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