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Saturday, June 02, 2007

html and school

Man, I bought an html book recently(whopping .25 cents!) and wish I had time to read it so I could figure out how to do my own web page programming/building. I will work on it one day. I like this blog, but maybe one day I can start my own after I buy a domain. hmmm. Meantime I will let blogger host me! No offense blogger, but I need a peppy web page!

This puts a bug in me to sign up this fall for my html class I need to take. No tuition reimbursement from work, but I need to do this for me. I need to keep my classes up. I want to strive for myself!

DH is taking a class this summer and then another one this fall so this puts the bug in me to keep my schooling up also.

This keeps me busy. I need to research to see if there is a second 1 credit hour course I can take that will help further my credits towards my associates.

I can tell you that I still regret not going to college right after high school or even a few years after that when I could have afforded it, but I am glad I have the bug these past few years to keep going with my education. I have much better study habits now and I love seeing how I can conquer a challenge in class.

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