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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Look who I get to meet today

baby Liam http://adoptbabym.blogspot.com/

YEAH.. This gives me hope to not give up on the adoption wait. 15 months into the wait and I hope we can have a playmate for Liam soon.

Gotta go wrap his present and get dressed. Ahhh, this is an outside reception for the baby so I will be sweating up a storm.

edited to add, this was not an outside reception and it was in a very very nice club house of sorts. It was so fun to see several of our friends from the IF support group days and all of them had either babies from treatments or adoption or one on the way! WOOOHOOO! We are almost there, by gosh we are next. We gotta be!

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Jennifer said...

I know you are next too Becky! You are always in my thoughts and prayers. This dream will become a reality some day very soon. You deserve it and you will be a great mom to a very special baby.