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Friday, June 22, 2007

10 copies out

Mailed off 10 portfolios/profiles today to agency #3. This is 1/2 of them that we have.

We now cross all fingers and toes to hope that we have a call soon saying we are matched. I know the wait can seem like an eternity, but overall we have been very calm with waiting. Going into the waiting period last year after our homestudy was done for domestic adoption, we were told to be prepared to wait between 18-24 months for a match and placement. So this month we are 15 months into the wait from our first homestudy approval. We remain calm. We have had 2 matches and both of those have failed to move forward to a placement, but we are calm knowing that eventually we will have a match that flurishes into a placement and that will fill our hearts with love and our baby in arms forever. Or at least until they are 18 and rebel against us and move out (this was most of my family when growing up.). LOL

I am on the hunt for a new book to read. I am going to go to tapestry books and look over the list of books there for adoption. I want to read into open adoption again. I also want to read more into biracial and trans-racial so I will get my paypal account ready and hit that shopping cart checkout with a few good reads.

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