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Saturday, June 30, 2007


I tend to have vivid dreams. Dreams that provoked me to write them down in my journal when I was a teen because I just couldn't believe the details I would remember and that I did dream in color. I have not journaled about my dreams in years, but I wanted to jot this one down. I know I won't give all details, but just wanted to put some of it down on "paper" to one day go back and read.

It all started out with our s/w, myself and our pbirthmother meeting at a local italian restaurant. We were all dressed casually, shorts and loose fitting shirts so it must have been hot outside. We sat at a table that seemed to be the only one in the room, yet there were waiters and other patrons walking around inside. We all had pads of paper to write down details of our "getting to know each other" meet-up. We chatted for a good hour, yet I can't remember what details were mentioned, questions specifically asked, but rather we were all smiling and laughing through our whole conversation. We shared hugs at the end and waved at each other on the way out of the establishment. I remember feeling elation, It was almost like I had a smile physically planted on my face while dreaming.

I do believe this dream was provoked in the good nature that we hope to meet our pbirthmother this coming week or in a few weeks in person. I am saying a prayer each day that we all will meet in a casual setting, have fun and laugh. Again, I will refrain from talking about our pbirhtmother until I know if she is ok with me blogging or not.

Nervous, yet intrigued.

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