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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting ready to find a printer service to print

this new adoption portfolio that DH worked so hard on this past weekend. Poor thing, I think I broke his back doing it too. I cracked my whip over his back so much that he was hurting bad. hehe. He is ok and did such a great job on the 11 pages that agency #3 AGOHA likes it. Thanks to the s/w, we were able to make some edits and we feel we have a final product ready now. Kinko's could not print our page 10 last night for some reason. I went there to do a basic pilot print run to make sure the colors printed the way we wanted them to. So DH is going to try and stop after work and do this test print also. Then we are going to find a printing service to laminate and spiral bound the pages together in 10 different portfolios. I really hope this brings us one step closer to getting that match and placement.

Wanna see the cover?


Jennifer said...

How about Office Max? They do a good job from my experiences with them... and YES - show us the cover!

Karaoke Diva said...

Yes, please!

KarenO said...

Your DH is fabulous for working so hard on your adoption portfolio! It builds my trust in the world again, since my husband didn't even want to discuss adoption. Go lightly on that whip ;) I'll be crossing my fingers and thinking of you, and will be visiting often to see how things progress.