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Friday, June 15, 2007

Ahhhh, spells relief

Did I mention to you that our newest agency's social worker(s/w) was wonderful? She came in, greeted the barking doggies (I bet her doggie thinks she cheated by meeting our doggies), then sat down with us for a good while to go over what they would like to see in our profile. Or at least suggested a few things. DH and I have our work cut out for us, but we plan on finishing this profile in a few days time. I was told by the s/w to email her the pages as we get them done so she can help us if we need to define anything or change settings, etc.... FUN. I think DH might like this scrapbooking program as much as I will.

I just wish it would rain already. My bones ache. I had the youngest dog ran into my side knee the other day on her way out of the house to go into the backyard and that hit made my knee cap pop out of place and then it popped back in, but I am hurting big time now in my knee. I think she might have strained something in there or pulled a ligament. If it does not get better by early next week, I will call the doc to get in. I have never been to a specialist about my knees (sounds like rocks jiggling behind my knee caps), but this has provoked me to pay closer attention and call for help soon. Heck, what good would I be if I have a bad bum knee when holding a baby? :)

Ok, Jury service has been deferred(as they put it). I had to call tonight to a special 866 toll free number to put in my juror number and it would tell me if I would have to report downtown to the Federal courts building this coming Monday or later. I called and it said "Your jury service has been deferred to 6/25/07 at 8:15 am. BUT I have to call on 6/22/07 to confirm that I still have to report. I also have to call them to see if this changes my reporting dates from 6/18/07 - 6/29/07 to 6/25/07-7/6/07?!? It is for a two week on call term on the original letter, but I am not sure if this drags it out one more week. Hummmm. Good question. I guess Monday I will call the local courts number and ask them if it will be a full 2 weeks on call again.

Ok, back to working on the profile.

Page one has a background. DH is working on scanning some items for a theme.

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