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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Books and more books

Since the last Harry Potter book does not come out for a few more weeks (I CAN'T WAIT), I ordered two books from Amazon the other day. Two books about open adoption. No, not your typical read, but knowing that we are matched with a birthmother (and yes, that is the correct term I will use until further notice, not expectant mother) I wanted to read up on the different levels of open adoption.

I have read one book about a year back, but these are the two books I bought and should be delivered in the next few days:

The Open Adoption Book by Bruce Rappaport
Open Adoption Experience: Complete guide for Adoptive and birthfamilies - For Making the decisionThrough the childs growing years: Roszia & Molina

I have browsed through one of the books at the local IF support group library, but I decided to get one for myself. Then maybe I can pass it onto anyone that might need it at the support group for adoption.

Ok, off to go sleep for another 45 minutes or so. The dogs woke me up to feed them. Arrgghhh.

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millie said...

I'm very interested in your reviews of these books. Will you let us know what you think?