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Sunday, June 17, 2007

what a kawinkidink

oh. here are a few pictures from the Race Day events. The first picture is of my friend Kathy, myself in the bunny ears and hat, Susan, and the guest of Honor In Celebration, NatalieT

This is the team picture for Trottiers Trotters!
What a great Walk it was. Here is another that shows the sea of shirt heading downhill going West on Olive. Amazing to see so many shirts. I missed seeing the funny hats this year though. But we did see many Pink shirts for survivors and many signs in memory of others that lost their battles. Bless them, one and all.

a friend, Kathy from the old IF support group days, went walking with myself and another friend at the Komen Race on Saturday for Trottiers Trotters Team. We were talking on the drive downtown and she was laughing that her jury service had been postponed. I said, "No way, Federal Jury Service?". She said, "Yes!".....Me, "OMG, I was summonsed and also got a deferred date!". OMG.. We were Laughing our arses off. We were both summonsed for Federal Jury service on the same day, same courts, etc... How crazy is that? We chat by email all the time and we never mentioned to each other that we had Federal Jury Service coming up . We discussed our "deferment" by the courts this Monday (as you call in the Friday b4 to confirm your service) and found out that I am deferred to the 25th, but she was deferred to the 21st. So she has to call in the night of the 20th to find out if they are calling her in or if they are again deferring her service. I get to call in after 5 pm on the 22nd to find out if I will have to report in on the 25th or am deferred again or not.

How funny it was to know I chat with Kathy everyday and we never mentioned this to each other. She lives way west.. I mean vineyard country west. LOL It would be so cool if we both get called in on the 25th and serve on the same jury. We will see. I'll keep you posted.

Ebay sales went ok today. Only 5 of my 21 items sold, but I did have a few "off ebay" sales that actually made more money. I am glad I linked my attached (see my profile) blog on blogger to promote. I am going to add a bunch more pictures of patterns of bottle holders I have yet listed on Ebay. Maybe I can gain sales off ebay and start to gain lots more through the blog sales site. hehe. I need to learn some more html for my ebay sales for better linkage to show other patterns without having my fees eaten up by seller listing fees, sold fees and then paypal fees. Sure, I know it is a service they offer and they should make money off me, but I don't sell a high priced item so it is hard to be able to make a profit to help pay for our adoption costs like that.
Ok, off my soapbox now.

Please do go check out my other sales blog.

DH worked so hard on creating our newest agency's picture profile for us. He finished it up today. It is 11 pages long from cover to back. Now we have sent it off the the agency for their viewing and suggestions of changes if any are needed. I am proud of DH, he went full head into the project and worked on it Friday Saturday and Sunday long. Sure, there were a few words we exchanged on thing we might not have agreed on with style or color, but it quickly worked itself out without much kink in the rolling out of each page. Now we just need to find out what we should change per the agency's suggestions and then find out how we can laminate or sheet protect them with a spiral bound setting so the pages lay flat for when the pbm looks at the profile and the pages are not all turning over on themselves while she is trying to read it. Great suggestions Elizabeth!

ok, off to bed to go to work since I don't have jury service just yet.

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twolinesonastick said...

I'm sure you've thought of this already but have you tried Craigslist?

Also I know some people don't like it, but have you considered advertising or doing paid posts on your blog? I have been making decent money doing that... not a ton but maybe $50-60 a week. I am hoping to get my own domain and get a little more into that- not necessarily MORE ads, just ones that can make me more money.