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Sunday, July 01, 2007

What's in a name?

we have discussed baby names for as long as I can remember us trying to conceive. With that said, we both agreed that we like these names:

Girl: Julia Grace

Boy: Brendan James

BUT, over time we have come to realize that with adoption we need to be open about names.

A couple of things could happen. The birthmother could name the baby something she wants. If that happens where would our name choice stand? Would we change it on the birth certificate when we have the court finalization? Or would we accept what the birthmother chose? It would depend on how open we are with the birthmother and we would need to convey to her that we have always loved the name listed above.

BUT what if the birthmother would want to help choose a name for the baby? Would we agree to agree on naming of the first name or second name or both?

I have DH looking at baby name on web sites tonight. Bahahahaha... I am not totally set on the names listed above for a boy or girl, yet I still like them both per gender.

I will try and list our top 5 names later that we come up with.


petunia said...

(just my 2 cents - take it for what's it's worth)
I'm sure you'll have questions for her as she will for you. Have your top 5 choices available but bring up that you have a name you really like and want to see what she thinks. Be open that she may not like it or if she hesitates you may want to ask her if she had any names she was thinking about and suggest maybe you could make that her middle name.
I can't imagine all that's going through your mind right now...names are at least one thing you can talk about while you wait:)
PS - LOVE both names

Beagle said...

Hello, just found you via Millie.
We are doing a domestic adoption. I hadn't really thought of the name dilema until several people posted about it recently and AF magazine just had an article on the topic.

Still, somthing will feel "right" when the time comes.