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Monday, May 29, 2006

Where's the bbq?

our first holiday this year that brings us into SUMMER mode and where the heck is the bbq? Not one of my family members, or dh's at that, had a bbq this weekend. We did celebrate DH's bro's 40th bday by attending a surprise party for him, but that was good table food/deli meats, etc... and lots of beer and margaritas.. so DH is going to have to do some bbq'in for me this weekend coming up!

Yes, A margarita I had. I am off my meds now so I indulged and it was YUMMY. Very strong and everyone was loving them so I had to have one too, but I missed my salt rim as the makers of the margaritas did not bring any salt. BUT I enjoyed it!

lots of home items need to be worked on. Dang the weather. Oh, hornets are the subject for outside our house. Literally outside our house. They have taken up residence in the metal shack we have (little metal shed). We are watching the doggies when they go outside to make sure there is not a new hornets nest near or around the deck and or shack. Otherwise I am on target with the 25 foot hornets sprayer! ha. man, those things sure love to dive bomb the dogs and DH and I when out there. I wonder why they keep targeting our deck and shack? Why don't they go bother the man that has the falling down garage and sickly peach tree in his back yard that does not go out to enjoy his backyard? Murphy's law?

So this week is a short one for you all. Today I was driving around( yes, I am allowed to drive finally since surgery) and thought hmmm, today being Sunday, that means DH has to work 5 days this week and I DON'T .. hehe.. then I realized that it is Monday. Oopsie. So he has to work 4 days this week and I DON'T. hehe.

My follow up with the doc is next Tuesday and then we will look forward to booking a camping date sometime soon! YEAH. Hopefully near a river so we can go sit in the river under a shade umbrella in our river chairs. YEAH. Ummm, guess what my drink of choice will be that weekend that we finally go...........Starts with an M, involves a salt rim , blender to crush up some ice(read: frozen). I do declare a beach blanket (river chair/umbrella) celebration soon to be had.

Tell me something, Why do people who don't belong out in the heat still go out in the heat and overheat themselves? I do not get that. Today, while filling up my gas tank (27.00 and some change) a man was on the ground by the pay phone and with a fire rescue truck awaiting am ambulance. He was indeed overheated(heard the conversation) and was wearing long pants and socks and shoes and a wife beater top. I just don't get it. He was an older man and looked in shape, but it was clearly too hot for him out there. I guess I care about our elderly and I hate seeing them get sick and overheated when they can avoid it. I sure hope his home has an AC unit in it. He was not in a low income neighborhood either. hmmm

ok, off to pop dh some popcorn.. whiney is getting edgy for his popcorn.

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