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Friday, May 26, 2006

thinking I can venture out


I am healing, but man my head is in a fog and it has to be the percocet. LOL I slept nil last night and I bet it was from sleeping off and on all day yesterday. I have my nights and days mixed up right now. Need to correct that.

Pain level, maybe a 3 today, down from a 5 yesterday. TMI warning..... My bowels are moving and that is the pain I am having to adjust to so far. I am not one that deals well with that kind of pain as I have IBS and it can range from low pain to a very high pain threshold sometimes, now with surgery complete and some scar tissue removed from the bowel wall that was adhered to the uterus I know I have to take a little while to heal up. Time will heal, just gotta try it without the drugs so I can become a social bug again.

I need a hair cut so bad. Heck, I need a shower to even make this grease mop look at little better at least and that is with much hope. So I think a hair cut is in order. Now to decide if a cut and color is in order. I have never colored my hair and it really needs it with the nice strands of gray showing up like little radar heads.

Ahhh, a bowl of cheerios and banana with a little splenda sprinkled over the top of it. Yum. I am not a morning cereal eater, but the last 2 days I am loving these ripe bananas and cheerios together.

What is up with this HOT weather? I loved having the windows open and breeze through the house, but suddenly the hot summer days are here and it is not even the holiday yet. Looks as thought he pool will be opened right on time this year. Sunblock spf 45 is on my shopping list for when I can venture out of the house. I lobster, I don't tan, I bake beat red, I don't tan. So I must protect.

Oh, baby shopping issues. I am set for our shower but need to go add a few things to the babydepot registry that they don't have online. FUN... again for when I can venture out of the homestead.

Thank you cards are in order for a few folks

my list is getting longer, my head is getting lighter, I must go lay down.

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