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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

spring has sprung

last night I came home to DH telling me not to let the doggies out because there was a baby robin in the back yard. He caught our oldest doggie in the yard earlier with the poor chick in her mouth. UGH. So I promptly went out there with a towel expecting to find a dead chick, but actually it was in the yard and walking around. I took the towel and picked it up and put it in the neighbors yard. The momma and pappa robin were not very happy with us for messing with their chick, but I had to save it from the jaws of death of my doggie. yuck.

So this morning i found the chick in the yard of another neighbors. I sure hope our doggie did not hurt that baby chicks wing. hmmm. I tried my best to save that chick.

you should see all the baby doves just fleeing their nests now.

Spring has sprung. Iris blooms... peonies up.. fun.

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