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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If you pray, please spare a prayer for a fellow cyber blogger

cancerbaby could really use your prayers.I have read her blog for a few years now and it hurts my heart to know she is in so much pain.

CANCER SUCKS. I lost my dad at 49 years of age to lung/liver/bone cancer and it sure scares the shit out of me knowing that I am susceptible to it also.

My prayer is to give her peace in hour journey no matter the outcome. She deserves peace and I so wish I could make that a cancer free peace. Frick.

I found her blog one day searching out infertility blogs and have followed her posts, although sometimes far apart understandably, but she has always been so unselfish and kept us posted in cyber land. Thanks to her unselfishness again, she has had a friend post her updates. This, I admire!

Many inspirational posts from her despite the diagnosis she has lived with now.

Dear Lord above, please hear our prayers and bring peace to her and her family. I want her to live and be cancer free. FRICK

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