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Friday, May 05, 2006

baby mania sale tomorrow. YIPPPEE

Oh Lord, hold back the bank card and only give me 40 bucks to spend tomorrow at the baby mania sale at Mehlville high school. I called my sister today(mom of 3, 12yo niece, 10yo nephew and 3yo niece) and my mom to see if they were going and Yup... we are now a 3some going to the sale. Doors open at 8 am and we are to get there at 7:30 and wait in line. OMG> I have not done this sale before but my sister said the ladies get there at like 6 am and wait in line and are sometimes VICIOUS when they break the 8 am mark to do the ALL OUT run to the re-sellers. Bahahaha. I am NOT a mad woman like that... well not yet at least. ha. I am on the hunt for baby room closet organizers(i live in the city so my closets are no more than 3 feet wide and two hangers deep so it will be hard to find something used). More crib sheets(my mom is making most of mine by hand, she is a wonderful sewer). and hopefully some good gender neutral clothes. Oh and any John Lennon Real Love items for the nursery of course. My sister called me this past Wed and she said she found a JL RL lamp that matches my nursery.. she snagged it for 5.00. YEAH. I have one already, but honestly I wanted 2 for the nursery so this is cool.

On the subject of sales.. I need to put together my yard sale yet and I can't find a weekend that is free to do one before surgery so I will most likely plan one while out on leave. I sure hope I can get some good help because I can't be lifting things. If I can't do the sale in early June then I will have to hold off for the fall. Summer is just too hot.

I had a good week with the support groups. both were productive and helpful. Glad they are in town. One was for infertility (helping me transition to adoption and the other was for adoption. check out www.infertilityandadoption.org for support group events for both IF and adoption.

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