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Saturday, May 20, 2006

not the best outcome, but profit did ring true

what a strange day for low traffic for yard sales. We did make up our costs on food and soda, water, etc... so we cleared at least 240.00 for a hard days work. BUT that is 240.00 towards our adoption funds. I will take any profit over loss any day.

Thanks to my mom, her friend Jane, DH and my MIL, we did OK for a slow traffic day.

ring up that total board to read $1605.00! YEAH.. it is climbing upwards.

Ok, off to turn in my 29 dollar winning lottery ticket. Wait, that brings us to $1634.00 then on the tote. HA.

I will be working with my mom on some ebay sales in a few weeks when I am on medical leave. I am repeatedly hearing that ebay is slow, do you find that true?

Now I am off to shower relax and sleep.


KD said...

Someone I know runs ridyourstuff.com. They will sell your stuff on eBay for very little commission. Things might sell faster through a powerseller.

tubelessstl said...

Hey.. thanks so much. I heard about this site not too long ago. I will check it out when I am on medical leave. hehe