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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

5 days left

before we take out this broken uterus.

Monday is surgery day and I go in for an 8 am surgery time. So that means I will have to be there around 6 am .

No, this is not an elective surgery in anyway shape or form, it is a necessity now due to having AF's for 14 days long on average with 7-10 of those days with nasty NASTY heavy flow. I know, TMI TMI.. but it is life I live and this is where I chat about it. I don't fit in on the IF boards anymore, so this is my portal of venting.

So my expected statement after surgery is... "Now that you are adopting, I am sure you will get pregnant". I swear to you I can't wait until the first person says that to me because I will totally lose it on them. HA. NO, I can't eff'ing have a baby due to my broken uterus we had to EXTRACT from my being. Defective uterus can't survive in me and make me miserable anymore so I had to take it out to avoid a real loss of sanity and physical being.

I can't wait to have a new libido again. See, a normal woman's cycle goes like this and then I will explain mine.

normal(whatever that is!) is an average 28-31 day cycle to include 5 - 7 days of AF, then ovulation around day 12-16 and then lots of baby making sex to boot b4 that ovulation date and then a sweet 2 week (approx) wait to find out if pg.

me: 25 day cycles if lucky = 14 average days of bleeding(AF) and then ovulating while bleeding on day 12-14... spotting for 4-5 days after AF and then lots of Endometriosis pain from days 18-25 and then AF again. So no libido nor time to have a libido as it is interrupted with crap like this all the time. My Poor DH.

I will be having an LAVH (laporoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy) I have a feeling this will be a less painful procedure than I expect it to be. Hmmmm, anyone been there done that with this procedure to be able to tell me what to expect for post op pain and recovery?

Yard sale this Sat. WIsh Us luck.

hope to add another 400 to the ticker.

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JennyK said...

Good luck with everything -- the surgery, the yard sale, the whole shebang. Just a side note in the interest of clearing up possible misconceptions -- baby-making sex has to occur before or at ovulation in order to be effective, NOT AFTER.